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In the midst of this, I mean that they had the free agency period where, of course, Tom Brady winds up going to Tampa? And that was big news. They had the draft. Obviously they did it virtually, and everybody got to see Roger Goodell's basement. Then they had the schedule release. As normal. Cam Newton signs with the Patriots. Even now, Madden comes out or the ratings come out all that stuff and they've been able to just sort of wait it out. Waited out. The problem is the clock's about to catch up to the NFL. They're about to meet rubber's about to meet the road up. I saw. You know, there's some Players going to be reporting on Monday, and the Players Association in the league haven't quite figured out the protocols yet. I'm hoping there's um a bubble if you will. When it comes to the NFL, not The kind of bubble the MBA has, because I just don't think they're doing that, and I don't think they have the time to get that together now, nor is it necessarily possible. I just hope there's an information bubble. Because When it when it comes to the NFL. There, they Ah They really let none of their plans be known that they haven't even addressed it publicly. Right. I mean, Roger Goodell and the league had put out a statement, essentially not a statement. They circled like at internal memo condemning people from talking about it around the draft the pandemic. So it's clear to me they want football fans focus purely on football stuff. You know when it comes to discussing their league, the kind of information that they went out there is Cam Newton going to the Patriots. So I hope they have Ah, thorough plan in place because football is going to be The most difficult sport. You know all this stuff is tough to manage, but it's going to be the toughest demanded for football just purely due to the size of the rosters and the nature of the sport. Right. So you're 53 guys travelling to another place where there's 53 guys all interacting with one another and There's going to be a lot of time missed due to covert tests. I'd imagine it's just almost impossible to keep it fully contained. So I don't know if the NFL's mentality is just sort of push forward or whatnot. But I'm interested to see how the NFL on the players come together. I mean, I imagine that the NFL is going to proceed. It's just Such Ah monster such a massive entity, And now that that baseball is What a week or less than a week away and basketballs lesson two weeks away. I do believe that the NFL's coming back I the only sport that I think it's really in question. Look, everything's in question. Even once they return, but the only sport that I think isn't in serious question as to whether or not it returns is college football. But that's because college football's dealing with Ah whole lot of factors that The other sports are not. I mean, I've seen people make the argument like how could you say college Football? Can't come back when all these other sports are coming back? Well, what's the difference between college football and the NFL? And the MBA and the MLB. What's the first thing that pops to your mind? Obviously, the athletes not being compensated. They're not professionals on DH. Then you have not the uniform standards across college football. And then you have interaction with students on campus and the possibility of it spreading amongst the student community and then the students taking it home to their level. No college for pulls a whole different thing. But I'm just I want to know what the NFL is doing about it. I you know, I I would like to see them address it publicly at some point, But I started talking about Madden ratings jokingly for a second because that's been another. Topic of conversation around that league just this week. You know where people rank the reaction to that. My biggest takeaway was that Patrick Mahomes got robbed in the Madden ratings. He's just a 99. I don't know if you guys saw that, but just the 99 Housing out of 100. If the why does the scale go to 100? If you're not going to make Patrick Mahomes all 100 like if you're if you're the video game makers And you're looking at it and you're saying are we have never given 100 before wouldn't now be the time right after that contract at my home, signed right after he's already an M V P in a Super Bowl champ just after the second full season, is a starter in the league. To me. Patrick Holmes got robbed with his 99 rating. Anthony, What do you think was, was it? Ah, Unjustifiably low rating giving Patrick homes in 99. I mean, I understand why people care so much. I mean, I mean, people have done like cold segments and hours on this topic. I I don't get them that in a rating whites too big deal. I do You want to know why? Because nothing else is happening. And in the middle? Yes. What? All this week? Well, I'm about to get an I know what I'm saying. But when you yes, But here's the difference, like those stories are heavy, right? Like the real stories. Every story has been heavy on. And if you listen to me, you know I talk about those. I've never shied away from those. But people do like the other side of it, too. And there's been none of that. So, Madame ratings mad ratings is kind of like what Jordan versus LeBron during the last dance, like then all of a sudden comparing like Noah's Isiah Thomas atop five point guard of all time offer that you know like that, that kind of conversation, maybe fight that played. I don't play video games as much as I used to. Maybe if I played Madden a lot, I would care. I just I have no interest in whether a guy's a 99 or 100 or I don't get it. I get it. I haven't played the game in a while. I just like that's just a running bit for me that Patrick moms didn't get a 100 You know, like, I think it's funny. Hey, just 99. How dare you? How dare you slighted with that 99 rating. There was a couple of the ratings that were country, I think, Say, Quan Barclay had won that people were a little upset about think about, Say, Qanbar. Cleo. I would say as talented as he is, he gets stopped at the line of scrimmage a whole lot. I mean to me. Clearly Christian McCaffrey is the best running back in the NFL. Ah, because he's also a receiver, and and so I look at the man ratings, and I think it's justifiable that McCaffrey's way higher than every other running back. I mean, McCaffrey's the only running back I would give the contract that he got Tio. I think Kwon Barclay has a chance to be special special if he can turn into that kind of receiver. You know to me, it comes down to what kind of receiver he eventually is. But as a running back, he gets stopped at the line of scrimmage way too often. He's got that slugging percentage, but it's on base percentage needs to come up. If you will, so that is O p s is really high. But nevertheless.

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