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That's 803 05 67 62 news that matters to you around the bay around the world around the clock. All news 1069 and am 7 40 K CBS it's Friday, August 28th 2020 coming up on KCBS Bay Area wildfires proving to be hazardous. As to the mental health of firefighters, and in Oakland, Tina's helping people show their support for the Black Lives matter. Movement. Also actor Chadwick Boseman dead at the age of 43. I'm Peter Finch case. CBS News Time 9 31. CBS News brief film star Chadwick Boseman has died before he shot the major famous The Black Panther. He also played baseball legend Jackie Robinson. Let them get to you. I won't God built me to last. Chadwick Boseman was 43 on the stump in New Hampshire. President Trump versus Democratic Mayors like Washington, D. C is Muriel Bowser and the mare should be ashamed of herself. With that kind of display of incompetence, because that's what's happening in Portland. And that's what's happening all over where you have Democrats run City's not a repeat of his acceptance speech theme from the vice president Hearts or with all of our fellow Americans. Louisiana and Texas and states that have been impacted by Hurricane Laura now blamed for at least 14 deaths in Washington. Another civil rights march Commemorating the famous one of 1963 CBS News Brief. I'm Tom Foti K CBS News Time 9 32 In this time of shelter in place, you can get just about anything delivered or done for you. Kay, CBS reporter Holly Kwan Found an Oakland teenager who's helping homeowners make a social statement in their own driveways. High school English Smith is at the end of her squirt bottle of black temper paint, stirring in a little water to make it last enough to fill in the chalk outline of a clenched fist drawn in the driveway of a neighbor's Oakland Hills home. She'd been going to black lives matter. Protest downtown. Yeah, those ones with the tear gas and rubber projectiles because I felt like I wasn't really doing enough and talking about it on social media is only reaching Kids my own age and not adults who Khun go in my neighbourhood and who have a decent amount of money to donate to causes and bail funds and stuff. So a couple weeks ago, she painted the phrase I can't breathe in her driveway. The reference to the George Floyd murder was noticed by friends and neighbors who wanted similar art in front of their homes. So I started getting a bunch of commissions and for the commissions I don't charge I've had a couple people donate to charities in their own name, as like payment, or whatever this design of a clenched fist and the phrase take Unni is going in a Kathy Neil's driveway. She lives here with her partner, Ron Lumpkin, who used to play for the New York Giants in the seventies, when we were talking, trying to figure out what to do We thought, what better way to express? Our feelings about Patriotism, which I thought that whole gesture was about anyway. About fairness. The fact that you know black lives matters much as anyone else's. Smith, a student ID Oakland, Tex. Race policy in Law Academy, has done six houses so far with another eight orders waiting. In Oakland. HOLIC want KCBS Research out of UC Irvine finds the majority of transgender women housed with men have been assaulted him in prison case. CBS's Margie Schaefer reports. New legislation seeks to offer trans intersex and non binary people Dignity, The UC Irvine study finds trans women are 13 times more likely to be assaulted than men. And nearly 60% reported being assaulted Well in California Prisons law professor at UC Hastings David Levin calls it a substantial problem and relief could be offered by proposed legislation. They could inform the prison when they're taken in what they want their status to be what prone and should be used. And most importantly, where they would choose to be how special housing would not be mandated. The California Department corrections could say no if they had some articulable reason to do that, But it would allow the trans people to say this is where I think I would be safer. And would hopefully reduce a lot of that unnecessary violence. Levine says. The Department of Corrections has stayed neutral on the legislation, and there is no strong opposition. So it has a good shot at passage, but it's unclear if it will get on the agenda. During this very busy legislative session, Margie Schaefer KCBS, a Tesla driver,.

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