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It's actually the United States has dispatched washes to tell in straight free times last year and emerge twelve site in the Taiwan travel act, which encourages official government exchanges between the United States Taiwan and just three days ago. Trump signed into law the Asia reassurance initiative act which calls on the US president to sin high level officials to Taiwan and to regularly sell arms to Taiwan. So what do you make of the US elements in Taiwan issue? Yes. I think the United States right now is fast becoming the most important and most dangerous political false aiding and abetting the so called the independence movement in Taiwan, and this roms of fall with determination and the spirit of the Chinese nation in defending the one China policy, and I mean, people both to size of straight. I think the United States should take lesson from the results of the recent local elections in Palawan where for example, if he suffered a major loss, and they KMT enjoyed a major victory now KMT through his representatives control more than up to about seventy percent of the local governments. See, for example. Where's DP river? You control the less than probably percent. So I think the message is very clear to everyone. I want everyone here mainland China, but also to everyone in the United States to the whole world matters, the people in Taiwan, you not want to combined patient with playmate China, they won't have peace and stability and better living spend it and one of the United States is doing is counter to these objectives to these inspirations and the demands on the people in Taiwan, and I think China will not tolerate this China will spend from president. She's being is very clear when it declared that China wants to seek peaceful reunification between mainland China and Taiwan. However, China will not exclude the use of false in case of extreme continues this, and he was very specific. When he mentioned that these extreme contingencies may involve a third country's interfere. In Taiwan affairs, all from by three missed in Taiwan will keep pushing for the dependence of Taiwan, by the user false will be targeted against the people in Taiwan. He assured that people pay one that they should be proud of benefit of the increasing prosperity of China's a whole as well as the increasing international prestige of China's invasion on the global stage. I actually how how do we understand those does this men? There's the possibility that the Chinese men that may take Taiwan by force. I hope not I hope reason and rationality will prevail between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait mainly because if we look at the reality cross-strait, economic integration is already affair dot on plea. China's mainland is the largest trading partner for China's Taiwan province and at any given day. There is more than one million people from Taiwan working living by the traveling around in China, and it's only a couple of hours of hours flights from mainland China from Beijing, Shanghai Guang does tend to you name it loss of life to Taiwan here in Beijing example, I can take early morning flight from Beijing to Taiwan have lunch. I've meeting in Taipei and then take the evening flight back to Beijing. Getting back to the same city. Woody one day, so economically degrade. This happening is fed. I'm putting on about that. And political integration is a process. It's already going. It has not been completed. It will stop to move up to higher level as presence patients. When beings petitional is the steps will be taken to stop the cross-straits consolidation, and he mentioned political parties and the renowned the person in both Chinese mainland as well as paying one meeting and talking about the future of China, and how the diggers things about really the Asian can be worked out. And this could be the start of the political process of to the national renew vacation of China. Thank you to go. Our current affairs commentator comb. Yup. Drawer boss, narrow takes office in Brazil and targets corruption crime and economic mismanagement. You're listening to today. Stay with us..

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