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Get those things correct it's never about making the mistake right like if if you go to people and I'm not just talking the coaching ready go by like decision making any time you make a bad decision for go you go back in like manner the time maybe I thought that was the right decision only anybody's disputing that Ron Rivera is trying to make the right call at the goal line here we thought that was going to be the right place right but in hindsight when you're asked about it in the play didn't work he can still stand behind the play when they tell you statistically Camden to go one is gonna be more effective than you so I Ron Rivera is is open question year after year as to why he's still a coach in the NFL whether or not the continue to coach the Panthers after this year but every time it seems like he's got a down season around a lot eleven wins and save his job that's just too but I yep that is the way it goes you win ten wins when you go six and ten you go ten and six and then you can go eight Nate for three years running that Christian McCaffrey though he's the guy who took the ball and they did review this he was not even close many he took it to the sideline image try to jump in once you hit the air than gas pushed out of bounds and you get no shot he sort of blamed himself I don't think it's on here but here's McCaffrey on that final play where he did not get into the answer should leave it up to their **** we are somewhere I got from my from the ground to get they are no matter what happened so you know I appreciate coach at a conference in me give me the ball in the game but kind of do a better job yeah I guess I I I I don't feel like I can put that on and he feels like he maybe should dot anyways so close but as far as run very goes and that's probably on him I when it comes out of the play calling to the cast pre tax on some people checking in seven oh seven says talk about questionable calls about questionable call on cams outfit good grief exactly yeah Charlie Brown good grief on us this morning Dave I know the one from the ninety fives as Newton seem bored he was very low energy yeah I don't like to speculate on that stuff and as an NFL quarterback delivery was bored out there with three hundred yards use running out of my oven board. answering questions after the game probably want to do any of that or have anything to do with that and I three one says really good defense controlling the ball by cow winning hams receipt for success love his style of ball okay a recipe for success what he's getting at here medicine all taxes would come in and here we go NBA officiating is too subjective third the job for all the NFL your nine three one our NBA not sure what that was about and then one more here says I talking about Thursday night football is get the forty niner talk I'm with you one more big game this week on the road before the forty Niners come home for their season opener against the Steelers house chanting and gonna take on Zack Taylor and his is big offense and you saw we can do for for Andy Dalton last week we talked about yesterday how they gave the of the Seattle Seahawks last week a tough match up up in Seattle the force a little bit of a comeback Tyler Lockett indicates a deep forty four yard touchdown hi Russell Wilson I believe he works his magic frequently up in Seattle they're a tough team to beat its wide constantly they are in the post season but as far as this offense goes it's gonna be a little bit of a new look Bengal team I think you're finally out of the Marvin Lewis regime here for fifteen years or something like that moderate success playoff push used lot of first round exits led a wild card divisional round exits yeah more Jeff Fisher yeah well you you got it Jeff this is the the name of it today but also you gotta you gotta give a little bit of credit not credit to get a look at that one playoff game with the members wild card or division around maybe is wild card the. person Palmer knee injury yeah that's a that's a sailor scene back yeah yeah and then you and then Jon Kitna had to come in I mean you lose your quarterback in the playoffs for basically the entire next season going to set you back big time in Carson was on the rise yeah that was the first year were seem like this guy's becoming the number one pick we knew he was yeah that's at his career back it really ended his career while he was still good I he'd ride thought he was going to still damn good you still want to manage the championship after that and I mean lost to these this can't Newton Carolina Panthers team in twenty fifteen so caution and though I think a lot of people. even after the win last week still focused on the defense right you got a look at women say you got it because the defense was able to put pressure on the quarterback he got it because you're forced turnovers you in the turnover battle regardless of how good you offenses frequently you will give yourself an opportunity to win cash in hand in saying that as well as the defense plea last week gotta believe they're gonna be even better this week I would hope that's the case as well I still think we got a ways to go by no means do we always good as we can last Sunday I mean I you know I know the defense played well but they they can also play better. listings we still can step up and do I still think we get up to the core back more than we did and I hope you guys just gonna get better worse you're not gonna stay the same we need to get better this way Hey five sacks three pets anything they can do better I'm in I feel good about that I so that's that's really a simple one you say last week was good if that's what we're gonna do one one week we're just getting just now getting our bank of defense back together and get enough Quantel gender from all game if you're just now getting these guys together in your put up five sacks and three picks you got a feel good about where you stand and into this yeah good pass rushers are defined thank you Dave the other one here from cap Gemini and talked about his defense on how they were able to force these interceptions and Dave comes right back to where you and I've been discussing for months if you can't improve the secondary and I do believe the secondary has improved covers more than very good if you're gonna look it looks like you're gonna get your reward back at least in limited action this week he appears to be able to play with that cast on the surgically repaired a finger or thumb so banged up there but it was gonna cast looking like he will play a little bit this region and sand defense is what it is because they can force quarterback forced turnovers by getting to the quarterback yeah that's the idea you know we know we needed it you know everyone knows about the record that we the the horrible record that we're part of last year with only two interceptions on the year and I I do think we have some guys in the secondary who can catch you but we we we get effect at quarterback mora well we've invested in this decline the last couple years of the two years we've been here I know is a faster than before we got here also but we still are missing those that you guys all those imperative gonna tear three that we had to do it you know John of the staff at the wall looked hard into it and be able to get you Ford yeah D. for I mean it is going to be I think the I think we'll look back into that may be the best free agent signing to date by by this regime are there him coming in opposite Nick Bosa it does intend or in concert with getting Nick Bosa and knowing that you've got to enter into force boxer but so as far as that's concerned I think D. for probably the best free. acquisition they made to this point but one more year from cal Shanahan Nick Bosa has not practiced all nursing at a high ankle sprain but he was a game recommend him being an impact on the other end of the Ford I mean knowing that you can flush yourself out either way out of our pocket you've got to die they're ready to take you down Nick Bosa are Syrian here on whether or not he believes the posts will play on Sunday I still feel pretty optimistic about it just talking with them gonna let it play out we'll see tomorrow we wake up build a practice I think you will and if he does and I feel we should feel pretty optimistic about Sunday optimistic about Sunday's leisure defenses out there I'm open BOCES out there too I just want to get another look at the guy see if you can get him through this game maybe limited action get into that Steeler game and you get a buy we try to nurse him up for a couple weeks before you get back at it we have plenty more sound again to Zack Taylor head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals at some comments about Jimmy gene forty are often Shane and also checked in on Jimmy and how much she expects Dante Paris to play this week we'll get into that sound the first when we come back on the other side gonna go through our AFC top five power rankings so new Friday morning tradition Thursday you get the NFC Friday you'll get the AFC SO four one five zero eight five six two seven on the cast retek's line shoot me your top five teams in the AFC will run through on the other side when we return the leadoff spot on the sports leader. the leadoff spot.

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