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Yeah one of the best podcast in the world fast off by math girl twenty teen who says i've been listening for about a year so i guess i should already written a review for great podcast i guess you filling this out just making sure that we weren't gonna just be wack one day right because we understand people walking around trying to find a podcast home you know you try different churches out just decided to stay here we thank you i don't have many friends while stay so when i listen to rod academies me feel like i have some friends at thanks bill and talk like me i love their extra black extra unapologetic all the time i loved them you will love them and their guests to sharda chardonnay thank you start thank you thank you extra black i know how to it hilarious and informative podcast five stars by croup crew base iris is not as croupier sars i'm a regular listen to the blackout tests and at the episode i'm regularly left with a either why grin on my face or belly laughter one aspect of the show for which i'm most appreciative is the balance between ernest discussion of current events and humorous segments such as guest the rice and white people news also ride a care have two of the most infectious laughs i've ever heard awesome show thank you thank you yeah i was thinking about this the other day sometimes i listen to comedian podcast and i'm and i'm not does not know shade any direct comedians or whatever but sometimes i can't really get into them because they're trying so hard to be funny that there's no.

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