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To leap coming. That's on you and then one more from ruthie. Polinsky she put to on the deep. If a guy's open. I'm going to throw it to him so again. It's been a helluva twenty four forty eight hours you know ever since camp starting honestly to has been going out there. Let it rain but temper expectations. We wanna see it happen in those joint practices with the bears. We wanna see in preseason but again as of right now he's doing everything you possibly want or ask him josh. I mean it's the finsider. It's you specifically. You cannot go too long without complete raving about i to a and i have to say i've been pretty conservative in terms of praising in in terms of getting excited about it and what am i. Most important things to do is always ask myself. What's different. why now why is things going to be different. This time around. I mean. I asked it when adam gays made the playoffs in his first year. I asked about job in even asked about brian floors. And you know josh. I'm gonna open up a little bit. And i'm gonna say to was the fifth overall. Pick the draft. This guy was absolutely bananas in college. You know. I try to compared to a dude who played one year of quarterback in college. Josh he was a wide receiver. So you know what i think. It's finally time it is august. Fifth is thursday. I'm all in looks incredibly comfortable at practice. I'm ready to kind of buckling and suda and and really at not not fun of football uniform. That would hurt the dolphins Shit time but what i mean is what i on. November made moving forward still training camp. It's still the preseason dr no losses and because of that i am ready to go. I'm ready to jump into the two. Did you see the nfl paint put out. It was tuna tongue of low. Did you see that little clip artists. That was awesome. Jake i mean. I think we're going to joke but we're going to start using that. Let to cook hashtag. 'cause we use the last year you know and it's just funny. Because now we're here in jordan howard. I think even took a shot at chan channa source wreck so probably one of the favorite things is that chan gailey gift that keeps on giving jordan howard who was with the philadelphia eagles asked about his last year and he basically said the offensive coordinator. You didn't say any names. The offense coordinator come up to him and said he doesn't really fit the offense that kind of made me laugh quite a bit. And at the same time josh deg screeches volumes of the bank that the dolphins didn't build a play but that bill is built around how their guys operate it was the other way round of just trying to fit all these circles into a square playbook ed we saw the results in terms of the offense on every single sunday and on top of that they were still a middle road. Offense crazy crazies. you know. is this whole conspiracy theory. You know some people just always to apologize saying that the playbook was a little bit different here aero basically come out this week and say now in the last week it was just basically bubble screens and slant so here jordan. Howard say that. I mean to be honest. I wanted to. What love the pile on channel source racks and sit there and basham. But i don't know that e- even the youngest and brightest offensive football could've found a way to make jordan howard a relevant running back again. No offense to him but Jake little bit. It's been an awesome podcast. I think it's much better than that crap that we almost put out Yesterday guys all season long. We're going to continue to bring you the latest news with the miami dolphins up to the minute. We're gonna try to podcast. You know reacting to some of these things exuding howard's trade. We're going to be one of the first people. Want it but guys the best way to stay up to date is to subscribe. You know like rate the podcast when you get the chance. Follow me on twitter at haus h. O. u. t. z. But most importantly please follow jake. Mendel he's the number one coast in the world. I mean he just runs through circles. I don't like roller coasters. But i got jake going through coasters in hoops. You know twenty four seven trying to do this podcast. Please follow him on twitter at j. e. n. d. e. l. Ninety four j. Can't wait to continue miami dolphins football with you there off today. We will probably be back sometime later this week. We are going to drop the madden twenty two a player rating team overall article. We're gonna drop that podcast. You know within the next day or two. So keep an eye on that. But jake big things ahead for the miami dolphins. You gotta love josh. My birthday's august fifteenth. But it's going to be a sweet post They present when the bears at dolphins played against the is. Josh is a blast talking to you. I'd say we wrap it up there. Thank you for joining us in most importantly above all else vince zones up that was fit radio part.

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