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Help you with. your copy needs understanding how to sell creating avatars email marketing etc. That's great man so tell us what you two are currently working in. What's current project right now. Well there are two things that we're going through The primary one though. That's the one. I'm most excited to share with your audience with is a call. We call the go-getters club and it's exclusively for businesses and business owners. That feel like they want to go to the next level. They feel like they are ambitious. They feel like they don't take no for an answer when it comes to trying to make their life and their business better. The go-getters club is a club is exclusive to our. It's like our facebook group. It's a monthly type of membership. But in there we go every week in work with you as far as like your copywriting and things like that side by side so there is no Fluff material no like random examples. That don't pertain to you in your business like we we go. We go hard and we. We actually get the emails done with you beside you in that our to our class we actually do it alongside you and not just give you the theory but actually practice along with you awesome so next question last question here before we dive in is you're just a A listener need to know. What is your daily routine. Ooh okay so I have right now again because of the pandemic and everything things can be a little weird. So normally i'll give you a quick breakdown normally wake up at seven. Get some coffee in me My wife is active duty military. So i do take over. A large portion of the households I do this plus work with my son and you know. I'm mainly the one that at home because i'm blessed to have a a business where i can effectively do things like this and communicate with people and help people through a camera lens as opposed to her where she is serving our country. You know but yes actually go in and do all the physical things demanding things in all the secret squirrel stuff you know so the way it works for me is i wake up at seven. Am i spent little over. Probably fifteen hundred. Maybe two thousand dollars trying to set up a gym in our garage. So i hit that hard to do that for about two hours. Then from there Wake up my son make him breakfast. Get him ready and Starting for the school day Let him do his classwork. Work with With him during the in homework in the time that he's in class Virtually i am your Trying to desperately get all my social media posts put in comments done in engagement all that stuff from there. I continue to do the little bit of outreach every day. Trying to talk to experts such as brian and to be able to relate to different podcasts or blogs or whatever as general outreach and then from there it's just a continuation right it's It's cook lunch cook. Dinner do dishes sweep Jump on calls like this. Do coaching calls. And just keep working and hustling until Probably costa about midnight..

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