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They don't have a huge lead to they don't have a bullpen like that, like the White Sox have Two nights ago. Was the formula right five innings adequate. Co two out of kopeck. One out of Kimbrel one out of Hendrix. That is a playoff game right there. You mentioned on Carmen Eureka. You really want to get six out of your starter? But as soon as he got the lead in the fifth inning, LaRussa pulled Kaiko. I thought that was interesting, he said. On the zoom two nights ago, if it was still tidy what to send chemical back out there, So it kind of tells you his mindset. He his complete confidence in his plus relievers. He'd probably rather start continue with the starter than throwing a minus reliever or reliever that comes in in a tie game, But they're definitely saving it for the for October for the for the starters, and it's also just running out that formula. That's the October formula. You're rarely going to get his seven or eight innings start. Out of a starter in October, unless he's just completely locked down. He just two times through 2.5 times through, maybe three. If it's Lynn, and then you move on to the reliever, so that's the formula more than anything. Jesse, The Cubs are going to start Kelvin Sampson today or whatever his name is. I know, I know. He coaches the University of Houston Cougars basketball team, but they got Some guy named Sampson. I follow the team. Who the hell is Adrian? Samson? Okay, It's not Kelvin Sampson. I thought it was. I don't know. If Sylvia what I've done this. I've been telling them to do the whole like baseball player or guy off the street like given waddle of name. And you have them. Guess if it's a Cubs player or a guy off the street, Adrian Samson is a washout. I don't wanna say it that way. But he he just did. Yeah, he was drafted by the Pirates. He's played for Seattle and Texas. Here's another guy they bring up that's not 21 22 20. He's 29. Adrian Sampson is 29. We started a bunch of games in the majors. I've got his record right here. What is he's like? Uh, he was four and five with a 4 96 in Iowa. This year in Iowa. He had a 4 96. So he's he's again not a prospect need. Neither is roughly Ortega. Wisdom is not a prospect. It doesn't mean he won't be here next year. But you don't invest in 30 year olds. You give them a role. You give him a roster spot. This is just all leading to a high draft. Put cap draft pick cap. What can I say? It is what it is. They broke the street. Listen to this step. Kyle Hendricks leads the majors and winds. He'd be just the third picture with that kind of a winning percentage on a team to lead the majors and winds If he keeps this up like There's only been two other times like Steve Carlton is famously one of them to lead the majors and winds on such a bad team. So you got to give credit to Kyle Hendricks. He is kind of stayed with his game through this through this mess. 14 wins for him. That's quite amazing on this team. Jesse. Have a great day, man. Okay, guys. Any updates on pastel pass along? Thank you. Got it..

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