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Relate great friends with great food and great. Let's with you and thinking that I like this guy who is this you know and that was years ago and we stayed in touch over the years. So welcome friend. Thank you good to be here. Yeah well we Women looking forward to this conversation One of the things that we're trying to do is is an ex double worship team. One of the main things right now is trying to encourage leaders in churches 'cause we earn a time like we have never seen a not since probably the black plague back in them. What century or something have we seen anything that is down? Churches like this so We're just looking for places in people that can help encourage so man. We're looking for you to encourages today. No pressure if we've known each other quite a few years now just a No. This is not necessarily the reason for are gathering today but The reason we met Elmich new years ago as you were introducing pure praise. It was brand new back in those days. And I just wanted you to know that since that time I've probably given away seventy five to a hundred copies of that book on three continents. Blessing my brother long before you were ever in Kenya. Your book was there being used by worship leaders and to the back in the early two thousands when I went over there shortly after I got exposed to it and Started taking it up at the Kenya with me. I've taken it to Northern Ireland handed out worship leaders there. And it's a it's all over the place of course have given it to my teams ear locally and we've gone through it and it's Just a treasure and Julia you are with just most recently. Our church went through worship lives back in Jane. Ardent of the year going to worship life and that really really blessed are folks One of the greatest communists which is was my goal is they said. It's so neat that we're all learning the same thing at the same time. And yes that's what was my goal was to. That's my goal in worship. I mean the whole point of Ours I'm aware is to bring this to a Rice Unity. And that's the reason we all sing the same song at the same time. So you know when we all get together in one of cord than can do good things and we've seen good results from worship life and I appreciate you may connect- resource available as men a good one. Yeah I appreciate you bringing that up today of with our focus on Africa this everything going on as I have wondered how it went. I'm not had a chance to actually touch the about it so I'm glad to hear things went well without. I appreciate your vision to do it. I know you brought it on the. You're the worship leader direct worship pastor. Whatever your title is there at First Baptist Church of Raw Brazil Alabama? I'm sure you wear multiple hats like so many of us do but I mean I'll do some administrative stuff there you do okay. I was wondering what else you might But but you know it's unusual to be honest That that someone other than the pastor has that kind of influence to bring that in. And the pastor pastor clearly have each will trust and. I think that's really obvious despite seeing how you brought this in and he was open to it and you and you did any took effect within your whole church it went will really do because what what's Yeah I man. I'm glad to hear that any what happens. Sometimes worship leader person Will bring in which is great but it ends up just primarily being for the Worship Ministry and Worship Life was written for the whole church and so until the passer of the church. The senior lead pastor. Buy into the idea. It doesn't really ever get to be full church wide so I'm glad that he well glad that a John Martin our our staff on staff with us that he and he worked well with you and got everything set up and and and John kept me abreast on but I didn't. I've not had chance to talk you personally until now John. John visited a couple times and did a great job. Facilitating everything that we had need of on this. Go AROUND AND IT. It was really good. I pray well I'll let him know. You said they add in fact he may be list thing in and he heard you say that hymns. I did WANNA bring you on today because you've written some materials that I love. I think they're incredible and I- goodness man. I mean wow. I didn't I didn't know you were a rider along with musician administrator. I mean you're you know do all kinds of stuff and you all knowledge in your head but yet you found time to write these amazing materials so so in an effort to bring to our people some things can encourage them through this unprecedented. We keep hearing that were but it certainly is unprecedented time. I thought about you and materials that that she written I'm looking at one now. Called the name of God and a a non-exhaustive look at an inexhaustible subject love that subtitle by Nutley M Harris. This is a great resource man. What a great daily devotional. I don't know if you really bought. It would be used that way so much. But I've been using it as a sexually. Okay in about just by me. Basically doing similar to what you've done over the years just writing down things that I was learning things that I was reading an extra got through with the two hundred and some odd names that are in there. Yes actually make a pretty decent book and I had been. Just blogging it. You know my daily blog and are not frequent blog anyway but the way this came about and I know that was part of what you wanted to talk about today longtime ago When we first came to the shoals area we moved here in ninety eight and at that time there was a group of pastors and other people that were meeting every Tuesday morning for worship and prayer and this was across the board cross-denominational on's cross racial lines. I mean it was just a really unusual and very Very good time of meeting every Tuesday morning and during a as part of that. They scheduled a prayer retreat. We went down to double springs near Double Springs. Down to Camp McDowell and about twenty of US went down there and spent two or three days together. Just reading the word and praying and we'll McFarland happened to be one of the guys that was their camp and wills gaff with from the show. Mary isn't he yeah he he lives here. He's not from he'd been here forever off one day while we were there in the retreat. He started talking about something that I really had not heard in that term anyway and that was our language of worship and he started describing the relationship for insist between husband and wives. What if the only name you ever used for your wife? My Wife's name is Martha Martha was the only name I ever used for her. Martha how are you today? Martha Martha Are you hungry market. Which liked to go to you know? Would you like to go with me to the Grocery Martha Martha Martha Martha is her name in. It's a wonderful name but it doesn't always communicate what we want to say. Sometimes I WANNA call her sweetie or sugar or honey or whatever cutie pie I mean. There's there's other things other ways that I communicate with her and want to communicate with her other than Martha and he said in as he was describing this he said you know the name. Jesus is wonderful. It's a great name. The name God is Supreme. But there's so many other ways that we can express that conveys who he is to us in that moment or in our life or whatever and he just said we need to expand our language of worship fears later out went up to a conference up in Massachusetts Not Massachusetts Pennsylvania. The northeast worshiped institute and I picked it mainly because my wife and I wanted to go to New York so I looked for operas close by. I mean that's how it got there was. It was not a great spiritual pilgrimage or anything like that. It just was we. Were looking to go to New York and it was a way to get most expensive pay. So we went up to fareless hills Pennsylvania to a thing called and one of the keynote speakers. There was Dr David Ireland. I don't know if you've ever heard of him. He pasture a pretty large To New Jersey and I don't know in his. His topic was basically on this. The language of worship. He did a three message series through the week and also during one of his messages ref referred us to a set of books. These books right here. There's actually six volumes of this thing. And they're not. This is written by guy by the name of Carl F. A. Chinnery and in it he describes God the revelation of God and the Authority of God and David. Arlen made this required reading for his worship team. They had to spend at least a couple of hours a week. Read just reading through an all it is is describing the character and nature of God so when I got back home from that I was that was Inspired I guess or or motivated anyway and so I approached are bracing. I said let's expand our vocabulary. I want by the next couple of weeks as we gather together for worship practice. I want you to bring names that you run across in scripture or that you've heard referred to names us toward God and quickly. The list grew to three hundred plus and found later. There's a whole much more that even we didn't discover at that time but basically that's where this came from as I started taking those names and looking at the scripture where the name is referenced and then just describing what the Greek or Hebrew word means and then how that applies to our live. And that's that's the reason. This book is around It Wa- as they worship Devotional but that's kind of well came what I what I do with it. It's an it's an addition to my quiet time. I'll I'll read it because it takes only a few minutes but it's thought provoking and it helps me focus on a name. I love how you take them out the medical you know and so as to the beach to the season you cover a man and so Yeah IT FOR ME I. It's really a powerful addition to on. I'm already doing Go through I'm going to the book of Romans and I'll journal through time which is Great. You know my thoughts were we mean the Lord now read commentaries sometimes but but what you do is bring in for me brings a an mentioned into that and make sure I stay fresh. I think I think it's also healthy to read. Osama Day or do well for me lately. I've been reading your book and helping me so I would recommend that one Tell us about you. You have a couple of other books too. Well I do I do. There's can I mentioned just before we get off of that. Can I mention just one more thing just please? There's plenty of a buck bounce. So whatever you want or by are the favourite name that I came across this one that was I was already familiar with but when I found the context of how this name came about it. Just absolutely bless me. And it's the name Addo Ni- When God came to Moses as he was in the process of bringing the Hebrew job or an out of Egypt became Moses. Said up till now. You've known me as your way you've known me. And your forefathers Abraham Isaac and Jake. They all knew me..

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