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Arranged from the low seventies to the mid nineties. This report is brought to you by I accident lawyer dot com in the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy for watching a stall on the 10. It's in Ontario on the 10 eastbound just after mountain disabled vehicle just barely into the center divider, So it's sticking out into the left lane. Expect that you're gonna have to slow down there. Also in Tustin, somebody broke down in lanes on the five South bound just before the 55. That's creating some backup from the 22 Ko Phi in this guy's sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Boss 17 105 got this a really bad situation here. Wanna thank the CHP helicopter crew. They just gave his word that it is indeed of fatal investigation going on Now, listen up. This is really a bad spot. It's the transitions. From the east and West 105 to the South. 7 10 When you both birds together, you've got three lanes normally, but right now, as I speak to you, it is only the far right lane. That's open, and even sometimes they shut that down. Now the longer or the bigger back up. Maybe I should say is on the West Front five coming away from the 605 trying to make this transition just loaded with one rig after another beheaded So long beach keep going on that South 605. West 91 to the South 17 or whatever you gotta do now, even on the West 105. It's getting busy. Rosecrans south of the 105 is looking good. This looks like it's going to be you for quite some time. The 7 10 itself, by the way is really not impacted. Pretty good drive going through. Injured in an accident visit. Superwoman superlawyer dot com Jeff RK F Eye in the sky Traffic is sponsored by Staples Stores Ko Phi, and this guy helps get you there Faster. I'm robbing Banks. Stables helped your business from office essentials to health essentials that amazing prices this weekend 40% back and rewards when you spend $75 on and go to 175 on toner and 40% back.

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