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The an unsecured server yet we can point to the law that was actually broken because think about this the last caller bringing up you know sedition espionage and and everything else and andrian treason espionage wiser well and and because when you look at the the entire equation there we don't know again there's a lot of the stuff that we don't know but what we do know warrants certainly warrants an investigation if you have i don't know what in fact because we don't know yet we haven't been told why a spy would be put an a the political oppositions campaign but if there was something there if a manafort still today popadopoulos manafort these are charges i'm related to the election michael flynn not related to the election carter carter pay nothing so if you had all this place that warranted this level of investigation look at how look at look at the size of this guy how how massive this thing is if you have the all of that based on a still a question mark but yet we know the laws that were broken with the hillary clinton email server no reasonable prosecutor would pursue that wait a minute why wouldn't it warrant a further investigation in terms of intent and then beyond that i mean think about that why wasn't there why wasn't there a spy in the hillary clinton campaign right because if if that's the case if she decided to circumvent the system to set up a an email server outside the system how is it that we don't know she was working with the russians the iranians the chinese right because if it warrants an investigation to this level based on a conversation supposedly a drunk conversation inning and a bar with a low level with a low level employee staffer on on the campaign what we know where the law was broken we what we the the facts how did that not warrant a much wider investigation right to the caller's point that we heard the caller we heard from earlier that's because that's what we would say look is there something greater while my question is why in.

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