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Terms and conditions apply. He said something very briefly. There that is worth teasing out when taoism turned more into a religion My impression is again. Correct me if i'm wrong is that he's really were philosophical schools. To start in the similar way as plato an aristotle would have been played. Aristotle didn't turn into religions as far as i know in some sense confucianism taoism did in buddhism. Of course. yeah. I'm a little worried i'd maybe speaking loosely. When i said that. I really should've said turn into a popular religious practice I think that the these early schools of thought are religious. I think that all premodern philosophy is religious felix. Plato or aristotle. They have religious world views and they're formulating their ethics in terms of these religious world views. I think this distinction between philosophy and religion is a product of the enlightenment. It's a relatively recent development incident enlightenment conceit that we could talk about values in a way that's completely divorced from onta logical or metaphysical commitments. Yeah and so. I'm a little leery of talking about philosophy versus religion in that sense. But it's definitely the case that these were these were very philosophically oriented religious movements and some of them taoism became these more technical practices that were aimed at things. Like immortality personal immortality and things like that are controlling the world in various ways. Will i guess to me that does sound like a question that it is legitimate to ask. Even if the distinction between philosophy and religion was not so much of a distinction back in the day What was their metaphysics analogy. Where a To what extent were they naturalist. Versus theorist i mean they talk about heaven and god all the time. But it's never clear whether it's just part of a story in a metaphor or whether it's you know more or less As real as a monotheistic western would be i think that confucius the historical confucius when he talks about heaven. It's pretty full blooded anthropomorphic. Being heaven gets angry heaven can abandon him. He actually complains at one point because heaven seems to have abandoned him. Could i think it's a pretty full-blooded anthropomorphic being when you get to. The end of the worrying states in thicker like tongs of heaven becomes just this kind of force. It doesn't really have a personality anymore. And then when you get to shinzo shinzo i think is at least that i know of. He's the first the first atheistic thinker and you could argue that his system is maybe philosophical not religious in the sense that he's not relying on any kind of metaphysical justification for he really thinks that. the confucian.

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