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Your chance Casey are W. L. doubles with you on this absolutely fantastic Saturday afternoon just search for anywhere from collateral the full length is immunity impossible the song and Clara live at the observatory that's gonna be Thursday October seventeenth so definitely put that in your calendars grab a ticket at the observatory sherry Glaser from the falling stuff than ready we heard stuff explain who will be opening up for comfort the collapse at the Hollywood Bowl September fifteenth as part of KCRW's world festival series at the Hollywood Bowl twentieth season sherry Glaser cover the collapse telecom was hosting it's gonna be fine check the website KCRW dot com for all the information and links to the Hollywood Bowl sightseeing grab a ticket for that as well coming out of Mexico but based in New York these days Montrond with no other place for any single coming through national records and caravan palace as for any full length called chronologically and we heard miracle that's two brainy on KCRW coming up at two o'clock it is and any valid as in before then you're shot of those tickets KCRW presents Quantic at the lodge room Friday September thirteenth so we'll hauling always brings a K. Quantic full band that's absolutely amazing and your shot of tickets in the in the house for that one coming up right here in case you're not.

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