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Are you thinking about when you're writing right to us? I was so I was the one chosen right? The force awakens review. And it was only going to be me who was allowed to go say it before writing the review this is going to be no chatting over with colleagues and making sure I was sort of define how close tolls. Yeah. Is basically Joe's I only had like two hours to right? The review, and I knew that if if it was three or last I would literally get death threats because that's happened in the past for very films had people excited, and we gave three or last we've had death threats. And if I gave it five nobody would believe me because certain people. Gave attack of the clones five stars. And completely. No, I've heard that one. Currently. That was kind of saying in the film sort of hoping it would be a four star film genuinely genuinely came out thinking it is my stunned by but that was really nerve wracking. So yeah. So I mean, I think we've had it in the past like with the Simpsons movie. I remember when that three stars we had forty eight hours of nothing abuse from readers that we didn't like the Simpsons very much. And then they saw it on the abuse, just dried up instantly. You know, like that would have been the case, I think if it had been three star film, I think it would have been two days of misery. And then just not normally people who disagree with you. It's people who tribally height you, even though they haven't seen the Phil would just Lynch you coming on possibly because it's not it's your opinion. You've ruined. The film destroyed that childhood and done all these various things, but Dan Dhanjal of this power review and gave it one install. Genuinely death threat like someone left on his voice mail. And it was we'll find you. He also death for a three star review of pirates of the caravan deadman's this nicely more about. But yeah, it's funny can be can be very had four days of people shouting at me 'cause I really mild criticism of Batman v superman on the online last week four days solids. Do something really interesting. I have my Twitter settings on lockdown. So whenever dick heads Rayle at me. I generally can't see it. But you engage with them, which is really because you know. You know, you shout them down win works. Convert one heart one mind the time that's the Helen HARA ethos. Nice. How you do it Nash? How you take? Chicago last go. On the. Show. You've just got to review anyway, and people have made the mind before which I like to go into film, actually because it just saves time writing review. Not something you should necessarily. I mean this worked with like loans. I been digging wrong all these years. Well, pull back the curtain on on the review process for you is it for this very very special live episode. Thank you so much to the Glasgow film festival for inviting us up here to clar- Goss going. So he flower, Debbie Aitken in canon. Christopher Kumar all the text off here. The T one as well. Thanks to Michael Palin for being an incredible guests. Of course. Thank you so much to you guys for coming. We could not do these live shows without you wouldn't even want to day we've been rubbish even more rubbish than the thing. You just. Join us next week for more film, later fun. We'll be joined by Ricky Gervais as to talk about his new Nikolic show afterlife, and nNcholas j fury himself, captain marvel star Samuel L Jackson as well. I know until at a special occasion until we meet again. Thank you lady. I like you. You're right. You can come back to every single live show until in this case until we meet again, it's by James. Thank thing me to make some really really obvious implode on the policy. No. It out that out cutting. Plo on won't make any sense people. Just here plaud- in what are you applauding because out? Anyway, good-bye Millan HARA. Goodbye. For me. I'm off to get this to Brendan Rodgers removed from my back. Be really really praying for this guys..

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