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On where you're located, No, but You can work for different agencies such as, like I mentioned the Forest Service Cal Fire Bureau Land management BIA, which is the Bureau of Indian Affairs. These are federal agencies, um, and contract crews. Things of that nature. And so there's opportunities. It's just not just having that knowledge. That's the thing that most people don't know. It's just the knowledge based and things of that nature. And then you know, that's what f f R P Does. You know we help? You know, streamlined at or try your top streamlined that so folks can get a better understanding of you know what? What options they have for an opportunity to Be an inspector of work. Let's talk a little bit more about f f r P or the forestry and Fire recruitment program. How does it work in? Who exactly is it for Well, it's you know, I think when it was first being brought up, it was, you know, the co founders Brandon Smith and Royal Remy come with this idea to help streamline folks that were formerly that were formerly incarcerated. Help them paved the way to get an opportunity to get into the fire service. Both worked for the Forest Service. Also rule really worked for Cal fire as well. Became successful at what he was doing within the department but eventually stepped down to do forestry fire recruitment program full time. And so you know, when applicants such as formerly incarcerated and the ones that are not formally incarcerated, those that just want to opportunity to See if the fire services for them. We help those two as well. So we pretty much almost help everybody so but you know, as primary targets, you know, the formerly incarcerated What do you do there for myself? You know, I'm the employment coordinator. I am there to help, you know, get them on track. As far as the resume goes, Make sure that is looking up to par professional. And then I give them job leads as well. You know, this agency is hiring. Here's the application process. Um, getting advice, Uh, sharing my struggles of what I have to go through. And let them know that you know when you apply, you know, or when you're trying to get in this fire service. It's not every story is not going to be the same like your story. You know, just like an egg, You know, journalism, You know your story of getting into the The field is not going to the same as this person and that person the same thing at the fire service. So F f r p The The second group of Students just graduated, right? And it's about 30 people, um, have most of them and picked up by a fire agencies already, actually, all.

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