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Think they're acceptable rate began army are bad it is absolutely allah tell the chief beck was my fault okay so but now you started this event you put together but you are no longer with north hollywood division is that right correct i i cracker downtown about three weeks ago to our mental evaluation unit wicket prompting letter from probably get by but it interested mind that prior to that i would i ran a canadian really opic over north hollywood and every year are booster board quick on a fundraiser um or put on an award from the forty nine th annual awards with they put on a bakery to berkshire board armed they report not only are offers but they purport are your program by could at our jeopardy he wouldn't any prime that we can't come up with money took them on trip or order biomarkers of equipment at the coast arbutus report that panel unperturbed at four and so um in addition to that day every year they hope to run chinh where they recognised knocked with officer of the year so to speak but i'm very in employee community members who have work in partnership with that we recognize the credit every year it jeopardy every year there's all kinds of bomb a polk within the north hollywood community ticket recognizing every year it all right we're here to run in phnom it's going to be over partner garage and yet the trip thursday and it's uh uh we got a couple of days map maybe to get an from last minute sir are registrant that it fifty dollars a cricket pretty a grandparent ika that that dollar group a long way and garbage can register at com can go to www got no hope how dot com okay no whole as north hollywood pal as dot com or if i go onto facebook they can look up um lapd valley how all right and log and create a facebook page excellent well if you're working in mental odd would you say was the mental evaluation ogden you and i eventually will definitely meet well are we we were pretty wide are we were all over the play firm are you know there is uh you know there's there's mental how far issued all over the city and abba you try to intervene and and offered an offer from knock have banded but from from longterm treatment for.

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