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Mitchell Miller, WTO, news. And Russian court this week, send it seeing WNBA star Brittany griner to 9 years, more on that coming right up after traffic and weather, it's four 48. And here's rich on them. All right, two 70 nor found again just north of shady grove road to northbound mainline remains closed by the crash cleanup. Again, all traffic diverted into the local lanes to get by, there isn't much of a delay, but again, just be aware you still can not use the main lanes all the way through. You have to use the low planes and you can jump back in beyond shady grove red in the crash scene. Again, they were waiting on a state highway sand truck to treat the roadway because it was fuel and oil spilled across all four travel lanes. Southbound side of two 70 may be a brief rubbernecking delay that's about it. Rest your trip down toward the beltway in good shape. That way through Montgomery and prince George's counties are looking good. No problems on I 95, the Baltimore Washington Parkway. They still got about another. Let's say half mile or so to pick up with the works in on the inner loop of the beltway, headed toward Arlington boulevard. So again, just about done clearing up, you have at least two left lanes, if not three now, getting past what's left of that work zone. When it heads up, eastbound 66, the exit ramp to 29 centimeter 52, that's blocked by a work zone. There's no warning that that ramp is closed. The good news is they did have the ramp to 28 north block, but apparently that ramp has now been reopened rich hunter W two heavy traffic Good morning, after a powerhouse round of thunderstorms yesterday evening, be ready for another one coming up this afternoon and early this evening, and another one coming up on Saturday.

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