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Who exploit the plug in can bypass built in checks block malicious files and upload executable files on sites where the plug is installed this allows the threat actors to completely take over vulnerable sites following remote code execution attacks cyberattack forces meat producer to shut down operations in. Us and australia. Russia is suspected. Global food distributor. Jbs foods suffered a cyber attack over the weekend that disrupted several servers supporting it systems and could affect the supply chain for some time attackers targeted several servers supporting north american and australian. It systems off jbs foods on sunday. According to a statement by jbs usa jbs is a global provider of beef chicken and pork with two hundred. Forty five thousand employees operating on several continents and serving brands. Such as country pride swift certified angus beef. Clear river farms and pilgrims. Jbs the white house that the ransom demand came from a criminal organization likely based in russia the white house is engaging directly with russian government on this matter linked data shows austin is the biggest winner. In tech migration the texas capitol captured a net inflow of two hundred and seventeen software and information technology company workers per ten thousand existing ones according to data from may twenty twenty two april twenty twenty one provided by linked thin. That's the best net migration rate among thirty five metropolitan areas with gross tech migration of at least two thousand lincoln users in the last twelve months. There's no telling whether this will last. With many tech companies already. Eyeing large scale returned to the office policies. But for now austin nashville charlotte jacksonville. Denver are proving the most attractive places to work. Researchers uncovered four new malware tools designed to exploit pulse secure. Vpn's as part of an ongoing story cybersecurity researchers from fire. I have revealed that. Chinese threat actors are exploiting vulnerabilities in pulse. Secures virtual private network and secure connected devices. The ap pt groups named unc twenty-six thirty and unc twenty seven seventeen are targeting various including government defense technology transport and financial entities in the us.

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