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Five of sports johnston and flynn getting ready to wrap things up let's go to ryan and boston's got a thought on kurt warner going into the hall of fame here i am there you guys how you doing things rather nature hey so i i agree that i don't think you know kurt warner is on the same level as dan marino or pay manning bill let me tell you why the hair birth valid while maybe not first bobby hall of famer only quarterback in the nfl that break here too were ball now i think that obviously not get a man what of your body your work in the super bowl three at hair and three that bought or had thing warming in a although he yet but the big game born the big game and i think also what yeah it accolade at what he and leader of the greatest show on which you heard of day that it was extremely productive and they've backed with a very short lived time it i think david your walked dealt would yogi goes although he does more baghdad that boyer they everyone all agree on that he'll never in legal trouble uh never banned in any way joined henry in your body work that i would argue that maybe to thinking about that time so uh you know i i think her warner have yet it i think rao david um at united g he lied by not not long have you need it and i think no granted y'all got to get him i appreciate.

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