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As openly and transparently as they could have. really did a disservice because in the beginning of the outbreak they were claiming that this was just animal to human transmission, and there wasn't really any human to human transmission at all, and if so, it was very efficient. and. They held that line for a few weeks, and then it became very clear when the scientists were able to talk about it. That in fact, there was human to human transmission that was really very efficient for at least a couple of weeks before it became clear that this was the case. So, yes, it's another example of the unfortunate situation of lack of transparency early on. Right, now I mean it has changed a bit, but there was that period of time where we weren't getting in a timely fashion, the accurate information and The World Health Organization the WHO what what do you feel about? Damage seems like they They were under the thumb of the Chinese Communist Party. I I don't think I can comment about that because I don't know John, but I can tell you that that that that I it's a complicated issue. I have had relations with the WHO for years I have many colleagues, who I work with over the years I think that the doctor ten rose the director of the whol. The director general fundamentally is a good person who. Who really cares about ending this outbreak, but the organization is an imperfect organization have been some flaws in it that have been some troublesome. Hopefully that will get corrected, and they'll get back on the right track, but I do still have interactions and collaborations with them. Let's talk about the possible. We're trying to open up. Our city's trying to open up our A New York and We need some kind of solution first of all a temporary solution of old old temporary, possible drugs that a of being touted. You See any promising ones that we could have next thirty sixty ninety days. Yeah, well, know John. We terminated in the positive sense. A clinical trial a few weeks ago on a drug quorum them here, which was given to people who are hospitalized with lung disease. And we compared it to. The First Lodge randomized placebo controlled trial of a therapeutic intervention and showed that. You gave a modest thirty one percent decrease. In the time it took to recover. It was statistically significant, but it was a modest effect. We hope that in the coming months with other drugs of the similar category as well as other interventions. That are going into clinical trial and that are in clinical trial will prove to be beneficial. Yet as you well know, you've got to do the clinical trial to prove it some of them, for example like monoclonal antibodies, which are proteins in the body, generally makes naturally to block the virus. You can manipulate that mimic, but molecular early to produce large amounts. They have already started to go into clinical trial and other companies. will also put their products into clinical trial this convalesce plasma, namely drawing plasma from an individual who's recovered from infection and passively transferred that into someone who was sick Laurie to someone in whom you wanted to prevent infection, and then there's hype immune Globulin that is derived from the convalescent plasma, so there are at least a few in fact several. Therapeutic modalities that are now either in trial. Will soon be going to try that. We are hopeful. That by the time we get into the fall late fall, they will have some results that we might be able to use them as we get into the next season I think if. Can Get at least one or two of those approved people will feel better the vaccine as much further away. And several several companies working on it. What's your take on it?.

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