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That's causing some delays. And definitely raining in the Marietta area. You were slow. 75. North bound, getting pastel Crow triple team for having 95.5 WSB radios only five day forecast Use Channel two action news meteorologist Brad Nous. Partly cloudy and hot with just a very isolated showers start possible through the early evening hours dry and very warm overnight, headed towards a loaf 75 Tomorrow. Partly cloudy. Scattered afternoon storms you Tuesday rain chance at 40%. With a high of 90 for heat index in the upper nineties to near 100 on Wednesday. Partly cloudy low 74 high 92 with scattered afternoon storms 40% chance of rain Wednesday and again Thursday afternoon. Thursday's low 73 high 91 Now my five day forecast for Friday and Saturday Friday partly cloudy showers and storms likely in the afternoon rain chance at 60%. Friday's low 73 high 91. Saturday's low 74 high 90 with a 60% chance of showers and storms. Recap the forecast for this evening. Just a very isolated shower storm through the early evening hours than drying up overnight, headed towards a Tuesday morning love, 75 I'm Channel two action news meteorologist Brad in its 95.5 W 90 degrees on Peachtree Street, Coming up to 6 39 I'm Chris jailed or 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk Mark Arum. On 95.5 WSB Atlantis news and talk Go back to the show. 6 39 93 degrees on P Street Street, a scorcher. So our first Mark Arum show back sweat meter of the year. Someone on On Facebook, said Gold bond will help take care of the Nuggets. I'm not sure what he's tricky. It's I don't know. He's referring to, uh, we got two of our members. The full time family members ofthe Longoria, the stoic one. Not so stoked this week is on vacation. Loti continues to be on paternity leave. So got Jason buyers on the other side of the takeout window and catfish Crystal Wheeler screening the call. So last week I don't know how it came.

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