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Trees some easy ways to do it with close, spins and toothpicks and speaking of a spell Ewing who showed up but Ed lives here as well. Hi, robert. Hey, how's it going? Pretty good, buddy. I was reading something on the way here today. You don't you realize I've known you for over forty years. I know. Amazing. You know, what I tolerate you? You tolerate me. So I mean, that's a great balance. So reading I know you've read his book ad breezed. And I just got it lasts. Did you breeze through the parts with close friends in toothpicks? No better than that. Okay. Better than that. What what year wasn't you taught the class at UC Davis. Oh that was in the nineties. I took that class. Okay. This is about four five. Yeah. Why took one of them? Yeah. I took one of them. And this is something that that Robert has has taught for many many many years. He had this isn't something. That's brand new. I mean, I've done it. You know, I learned their home. So congratulations. Brady in my research, but just last year six eight months ago. Oh, I forget the name of a good. Good fruit grower. They came out with a research study on what time of year is the best time to do the spreading in. Well, the notching actually talked about notching, but I I was watching trees in the eighties. And I don't know how I learned it, but may have been from this old friend of mine, a Molin Clift. I met him in the mid seventies. And he had a hundred and twenty five apple trees in the backyard of forty feet by forty feet, and he taught me how to notch. Well, robert. Now, you have to tell us what notching is well notching is when you take a file like around rat paedophile, and you score above a bud, and you get a brand or you score below bud. And you get a fruiting spur. And how successful you at that. I mean, what percentage do you have? Well, it works pretty pretty good as long as you score correctly. It's a high percentage number, but what they found in the research. They did you do it two to four weeks before the but opens up. It'll be the best time to do it as opposed to waiting until you have shooter. But how deep is that notch? Just enough to go through the Camby like violin halfway around. And it's not very deep at all. It just takes a tiny tiny bit too. Go through penetrate. The Campion what trees is at work best on. Well, I've only done on fruit. Trees, I did it mostly Annapolis. You don't need to do it on something like persimmon because he get fruit. Whether or not, you prune are not the way it works is when you Helen notch above a, bud. Keeps apiculture hormone from coming down and keeping the bud doorman. So the bud thinks it's at the top of the tree. So it sprouts. Notch below Abud. It allows a lot more carbohydrates to build up in the bud and the more carbohydrates. You had the more likely it is to be a fruiting. But so internist system you could do both one for support and one for fruiting would exactly exactly now, the the French method the Laurette Lorette method of French spell doesn't talk about notching. And yet, it's it's the fastest way. To get exactly what you want. We were trying to non cherries a lot. You know, when I was Dave Wilson we were trying to Don Cherry's lot on our. On the tree on the trees that we were just maintaining like we are maintaining most of four to five feet, right? And we were trying to to notch below to encourage of course, fruiting buds develop and our percentage kind of ran. I don't know. Maybe fifty percent. I wasn't really encouraged by it. But but I know it was really common with apple. So, but maybe it was timing. It might have been the timing. And I noticed that go ahead. Jerry's make a lot of flower, bud without doing anything. You know, those clusters. Yeah. No, do you want him down low? Well, that's true. Yeah. I wanted them all down. Just as a matter of fact, right after the page where you talk about close spends toothpicks, you talk about notching and using the round files. So people want more information about this. They ought to pick up your book. Lazy ass gardening. Yeah. And they can get it from me on sale. We have a pre publication or technically the official world premieres April. I know fooling and before then team bucks. And then after April first it goes up to twenty that's a joke. There you go. Get them cheap. Yeah. Get them while you all right. So, but after April, I will be on Amazon, but if you want if you want a good bargain, you can order it. I bet through your website, Robert, correct dot com. You got kale U R? I K Robert Kirk dot com. The name of the book lazy ass gardening maximize your soil minimize your toil. And while you're there, in fact, if you pick up lazy ass gardening, you can read about his other books too. A lot of people. Enjoy the drip irrigation for every landscape and all climates. And you're a understanding routes book is an eye opener. A lot of people that those are fascinating books. Yes. Those greatest Robert Couric a thanks for your time and talking about your new book lazy ass gardening. Thanks. Robert. Yeah. Yeah. Robert has been the contrarian in garden circles for a long time. That's why I love him. We get along. So well. Exactly, he's. His and the diagrams that he has put in his book over the years, and he has gone back and studied in libraries and look for these old drawings of like roots of plants and how deep they can go. Yeah. You all the ones that pulled out a Germany just fascinated. Yeah. Incredible stuff. I mean, I I try to tell people, you know, the the route is not the simplest part of the plan. Yeah. And the know that you know, to really understand that gives you a better idea of why you have to pay so much attention to where you plan things, and how you treat them once you get them in the ground. I would then think that a lot of the things that he talks about as far as training fruit. Trees, you're employing in your lectures, these days about a spraying fruit trees. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. You bet and to tell you the truth. You know, we taught I was kidding that we met forty years. He was over forty years ago because he kinda tooled into the urban tree farm when I was a manager of the urban tree farm back in around nineteen seventy nine and. You know, I I had heard his name people had talked about him locally as being you know, this guy who is really big into edible landscaping. Well, I was picking that edible landscaping at the time the things that he was really into at the time were promoting high density planting and getting trees, the fruit and keeping them down under control. So you know it played right? Into kind of where I was at at the time as well. So yeah, you bet we his his there's a lot of influence Robert Corp in my in my presentations. Yeah, we have to take a break for news here in a minute or so, but we have enough time to point out that I mentioned earlier, I'll be speaking at one thirty over at the San Francisco flower and garden show at Cal expo. I'll be talking about the good bug hotel. But you're talking right after me at two thirty and talking about A spraying fruit. Trees, correct. Yeah. You bet. Yeah. We'll have some fun with that. And then yeah, I'll share some of the some of the things that I'll be sharing their which are kind of exciting as well. You know, lots of Chuck Ingles work. Oh, good. Which is really cool. Right. The late Chuck angles, the Sacramento county farm advisor, the person responsible for a lot of the intricate designs of fruit trees and other structures at the oaks horticulture center. Yeah. And just you know, the science. You can't you don't wanna take in and discount. You know, how much you know, Chuck took that place and looked at it from a scientific standpoint and legitimized it for the home gardener from a scientific standpoint. So he was brilliant that he was willing to take your wacky theories and try them out wrec. Yes, you bet. That's exactly what it was. All right. Here. We're going to talk about fruit. Trees got a fruit. Tree question. You ought to give us a call..

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