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Makers back to losing money. The company posted an adjusted loss of two dollars ninety cents a share for the first quarter much bigger than had been forecast. Bloomberg's Ed Ludlow has more from San Francisco CEO, Elon Musk pin. Tesla's losses on the challenges of delivering model threes in Europe and China at the end of last year, he said, it was the greatest logistics problem. He'd have effaced combine that with the debt repayment of nine hundred twenty million dollars that left tesla with his lowest level of cash on hand in three years on the owning school must said there was quite merits the idea of a capital raise and it's up Tesla's financial discipline relative to year ago. He says the moment the test as vs. Quite solid in San Francisco. Ed Lee, Bloomberg daybreak Europe and looking at the retail and technology sectors, come together with an important earnings report today out from Amazon. Bloomberg's Jeff Bellinger has a preview you have to look hard to find an analyst who was bearish on Amazon. There is one the online retail giant gets a single celebrating. There is also one hold rating Amazon did a good job of managing expectations. Bloomberg intelligence says the company's conservative first-quarter quarter guidance likely set the stage for profit beat the top line could be in line and beat there is not out of the question. Forecasts are for Amazon to post an adjusted profit of seven dollars and two cents a share on revenue. Topping fifty nine point six billion dollars. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Now to Bloomberg scoop an Amazon team auditing, Alexa commands can access the home addresses of customers the group. Analyzes voice recall. Picked up by Alexa. But it can also access a host of other user data. There's no indication Amazon employees have tried to track down individual users. But two members of the Alexa team have expressed their concerns to Bloomberg. Now getting to central banks. The Bank of Japan says it'll keep interest rates extremely low through at least the spring of twenty twenty it forecasts that it won't hit. It's two percent. Inflation target for at least another three years that would be nine years after governor Kuroda launched the banks radical stimulus program, and let's stick to that for a moment crossing over to Singapore where Wes Goodman joins us from the markets live team. Good morning west the B O J said to keep extremely low rates through twenty twenty. What message is it sending this? Hi, good morning, everyone. This is just emblematic of this global dovish tilt that. We're seeing among the world's central banks. We have the Bank of Japan, sending the dumbest dovish message, the fed and other central banks. Are they need to demonstrate and they are demonstrating that you know, they're doing things to support their economies and to try to get inflation going, and I took a couple of days off, I came back and. To find that they're even growing calls in the US for the fed to actually cut rate sometime this year. So, you know, the central banks are going to keep interest rates low. And that means bond bonds will be supported and yields will will be kept down. It does look like the market's pricing in a ephedra cut. What stock investors do as central bankers around the world pivot to dovish nece? In my notes. I put broke down here. The bull case and the bear case. The bull case is that accommodate of central banks will help stocks. And that's why the SNP is at a record or pretty close. You know, because the fed is put it put its rate hikes on hold the bear case that stocks are rallying just because of what central banks are doing that. What's going on in the economy really doesn't justify you know, gains in shares? So I don't know which one's going to turn out to be right? But it just seems to me for the moment. The bulls are sort of in control again looking at US shares. It looks like they're ready to keep pushing the s&p five hundred to two new highs west thanks very much for joining us. Wes Goodman from the markets live team. You can check out the blog. Just I'd m L I Vigo on your Bloomberg terminal. Now, let's get back to Brexit chaos continues lawmakers and Theresa May's own party are asking her to provide a. Clear timetable for her departure, but this gives the prime minister a little bit of breathing room. That's because they shied away from changing party rules to make it easier to Alastair. So she does have some space. This comes as Scotland's first minister nNcholas sturgeon calls for a new independence vote within the next two years with that we get the rest of the global news headlines for from leeann guarantee. Leeann good morning. North Korean Kim Jong own has met Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time in planning stock. Bloomberg's Henry may has more. The trip is time to show that Kim has alternative sources of support after his failed talks with President Donald Trump in Hanoi in February left North Korea with Nokia poff to escape a US led international economic embargo in Moscow. Henry, man. Bloomberg daybreak Europe ravage maze mpc is bracing for another life threatening. Tropical storm topical. Cycling Kenneth which is being bring in the Indian Ocean is sent to make Glenn full later today. The country is still reeling from cyclone which hit last month and killed move a thousand people well French president Emmanuel Macron signed the address the grassroots demands that have roiled the country since November Bloomberg Geraldine, Emily tells us what we can expect from Macron's a press conference and the Eliza palace later today. Could announce tax cuts go to class households and pneumococcal things of schools in hospitals until the Novi storming twenty twenty two but beyond appeasing, the yellow vests, Michael has in mind, the EU election in a month's time that he's open in south cast as a referendum against his domestic policies in Paris Shijie Neil, tune the daybreak era and Democratic Unionist leader Arleen folsters says she wants to have the power sharing executive in Northern Ireland to resume is being two years and four months since the assembly install Monsant but politicians have come under pressure to find a breakthrough since the mode of Genesis lira Mckee she was killed by the so called new IRA? Shouldn't the Mary Lou McDonnell is also keen for an agreement people on progress. People don't just want politicians to talk joking as the good thing. People not want their political leaders to come to resolutions. And at the core of that resolution has to be an Terrence to equality cable news twenty four. A day on avenue took on Twitter found bull than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts symbol the one hundred twenty countries. I'm young gerrans. This is Bloomberg Matt's. Leeann I know you were taking issue with my pronunciation of Nokia. It's Nokia Nokia Nokia Nokia knock. Yeah. Leeann.

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