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Legal scholars say that does not come close to the legal standard of inciting violence. Well, of course, you played a clip for Senator Paul in which he said, We need to fight like hell to preserve our democracy, and that rally stands in context. But in this plant, he talked about peacefully and patriotic Lee going to the capital, right, so he incited people to go fight like hell. Then, he said. Something different, And then, as they were attacking the capital, he had a chance right as the insurrection was beginning to tell them to stand down. I was in the Senate chamber. Literally as those writers were outside our doors. Well, we were being locked down in the Senate chamber. Instead of sending out a tweet, saying that everybody should leave the capital. President Trump sent out a tweet attacking Mike Pence the very person that those writers were there to hang. And so even as the riot was a Hurrying. The president had a chance to turn it around, and instead he incited it, knowing what was happening at the capital, so I think the case is absolutely clear, both in that rally at the White House end during the riot itself, the president was taking steps to make it worse. Not better. And there is, of course, reporting from inside the White House that suggests the president was slow walking the response because he was very happy with what was happening over at the A. T United States Capitol, So I think once all that evidence is put on, there'll be no chill. Respective convict Senator Rand. Paul also brings up the question of being consistent if you're going to get sanction political speech, and he notices, he noted. Ah statement made by Congresswoman Maxine Waters back in 2018 when there was a furor over family separation. Take a look at this. And if you see anybody from that cabinet.

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