Tom Brady, Gary Sports, Founder And Ceo discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Does the gates of by the By way? the way. I think it went was jeeter me. And then Brady. Yeah. They kind of got lost in that shuffle Judy before Brady. Yeah. Was jeter. And then me and then Brady didn't jeeter jeeter came at you. He did. But to like talking to the team. Yeah. I got to say Tom Brady, then you is only right. Well, it's just because I haven't wanted his any. I'm I haven't won any Emmys either. So it's just the nominated. It's like being nominated to be nominated. Thank you, take him. Take him away from you. Okay. So it was like it made. You wanna go hit somebody against UCF that be after hearing me. Absolutely. Thank you. That's all I'm looking for. There may be an there is an iron rich Eisen. There's no doubt about it. Rashawn Gary here on the rich Eisen show. You also are the only one in the draft who started your own sports agency, founder and CEO of Rashawn Gary sports. What did you do that? What you did never one of us. Give my family better life, my mom. My sister. My two nephews they've been my motivation, you know, ever since I started playing football in. He knows his growing up in. No, everything my mom, dad. My sister did raise me to beat a man. I am today. So, you know, this putting that together and just always my love for the game in, you know, even days after I hang up. Mike Leigh's always wanna be around a game. And not just a good way to do that. Right. So you're representing yourself is essentially what you're doing or do you have others who were that? They're going to be part of Sean, Gary sports that represent you. Yes. It's others. That's in organization that represents me. So I'm not my own Asian actually have agent. Right. Okay. So you're not just gonna come right out of the gate as your own Jerry Maguire at some point. But at some point is that something that you would aspire to at some point is this way to set yourself up maybe for what's going on after you're playing career when you know, who knows me, I'm just, you know, staying in the moment doing I gotta do in a number one focus on the best way. I could be right now. So you know, my mom's handle everything that's her project. Okay. I'm just. Football. All right. And what's the strangest question you were asked at the combine Rashawn strangers own. Would you get asked that might be that there's like what's going on strangers to be honest, like my my combined experience in my draft faucet has been pretty smooth on constantly. Did you notice saying questions? Did you get in the staring? Contest would Seattle demo. They didn't. They wouldn't dare do the staring contest with you..

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