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They could wait. Although I think you know, weightings kind of silly because the price is only going to go up. So you'll learn a tight cap situation. Obviously moving forward, you feel good about them navigating that of course, because Howard Rosen always finds a way to do that. But still I mean, I think the draft picks are going to be a big part of that moving forward. You're your need that cheap inexpensive team controlled talent there as opposed to acquiring someone that deadline who has this big cap it. And so I don't mean you're taking on that money. But then they're giving away something that could save you money in the future. So it's you have to consider both things there. I still think the eagles probably I don't think he wants to give up anything more than say like a fourth round pick at the deadline here. I think anything too much higher than that. Is in like, it's probably too rich for his blood unless it's like a no brainer. Like, if you're trading you'd think he offered a second rounder for Amari Cooper, which was the rumor. I I think there's some credence to that. I mean, it's not impossible to imagine. Just because they have the two seconds next year, and Amari Cooper is only what twenty four years old. Yeah, he's young and they could easily feel like this guy. You know has a good trajectory, and maybe they were super high on him coming out of the draft. So I think that's I think that's possible. I you know, I I am a little hesitant is because Mike silver questionable. Maybe track record a little bit there. And and this is very rich for two choir a player like that who is going to have like thirteen point nine Ryan cap it next year on his fifth year option. So they would pretty much have to extend them too. So I think it's possible not on a roll it out. But yeah. So I don't think they're trying to make this big splash in terms of. I just don't think they want to give that up again. I think it's more of like what we saw last year where you're trying to buy on someone who Tennessee's on their rookie deal with like two more years left some including this year and next year. So you kinda have that extra year of talent there like they did with a giant someone who can help in two thousand seventeen eighteen that was their goal or at least. That's what worked out for them. It wasn't just this short term trade. I definitely think we can rule anyone out who is, you know, not under contract through next year unless it's just like a cl-. Clear rental for cheap. You know of. It's like a seventh round pick in. You're getting a guy or was it just a total flyer than I see that. But I don't think they're giving up anything significant at this point. And I don't think they should I think they should keep the picks. If there's good value to be had out there. Like if you're trading third round pick for Patrick Peterson which isn't going to happen by saying like if there's some no brainer value out. They're going get it, even if it might be expensive, cap wise. But otherwise, I just think you know, how we probably gonna sit back here in kind of just make some kind of not super exciting trait. So I wonder if like the strategy changes if the eagles win, and they move to foreign four whether or not they get more aggressive and go after you know, these guys aren't on on on the aren't on their rookie deals, but like Mary Thomas remain, you'll Sanders or zebra like that as we're still productive. I mean, look at the number of Sanders is having a great year. But what would it take to get a guy like that he is under team control for for next year? And if he's still being productive. I think he's under team control. Presentational two years after this year. I don't remember exactly I looked at up earlier this week in the year. Yeah. But a guy like that. I mean, you know, you're talking about guys on the rookie deals like like with a giant. And that would obviously be the smarter thing. But. Yeah. Okay. So just one more though. So I wonder if like the calculus for Roseman changes if they win versus if they lose. I mean, obviously, if they lose this team might even turn into somewhat of a seller..

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