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I'm very excited. We're gonna be talking about breast cancer, specifically triple negative, breast cancer. We've got to experts with us Milan. Radovich and Brian Schneider. Both of whom again work at I use school of medicine with me, we're going to be partnering as we've talked about before with ice school medicine over the next year to talk about topics that are both of clinical interest to the general public while also talking about research and things that are going on on the cutting edge to try to improve the way we care for those Ellis's. So I'm going to let both Milan and Brian. Use themselves. And then we're going to get started polo. Thank you for having us this morning. My name's meal and rod vich assistant, professor at Simon cancer center. Also, co director of the precision genomics program, and I'm Brian Schneider. I'm an associate professor of medicine and rector you health precision Nomex program. And so part of what we're trying to do as well as talk about sort of the different professions encrypt has the people get to these jobs. And so could you tell us little bit about your training, which degrees are how you got to this place. Yeah. Absolutely. So interestingly, I'm actually genomic scientists. So my job is really focused on understand the underpinnings of breast cancer. What causes this cancer? What are the mutations that have caused a normal brussel to become cancerous? And so my training actually was in classical genomics, medical genetics. I got my undergrad in biochemistry my PHD in medical molecular genetics that I you and then actually with Brian and head then the honor to join the faculty at school medicine. Great. And I am a classically trained MD and the decided to. Do my specialty in medical oncology? So I do fun things like chemotherapy pills for cancer was trained by great breast oncologist, George sledge and also had a translational laboratory and subsequently partnered with Dr savage in opening the precision Nomex program. Great..

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