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Stations. 71 Partly cloudy at three o'clock Good morning. I'm Steve Greenfield. The victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan is raising concerns about U. S intelligence capability. The complete and total collapse within Days of the Afghan security forces did come as a surprise the speed of that collapse but not the fact of the collapse. In fact, in April, just a week before President Biden announced his withdrawal plan The DNA M president Biden's top intelligence advisers warned that the Afghan government was unlikely to be able to hold back the Taliban. That's a B. C s chief Light of Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl. Meanwhile, the NYPD Mourning the loss of two detectives, the department announcing on Saturday the chant a Neil Baker died of Covid 19. She's been a part of the Risk mitigation division and served the department for two decades. Well, Bakers, one of two detectives to die on that same day with reports that 50th precinct Sergeant Ryan Kenny, also died of a heart attack the city's coronavirus vaccine mandate launches today, Proof of vaccination will be required for employees and customers who are doing indoor dining or headed to gyms or entertainment venues. Some New Jersey residents, meanwhile, got their Covid vaccine booster shot over the weekend show Kabbalah reports Saturday was the first day the third dose was made available to Immuno compromised Americans per CDC guidance ABC seven reporting that over 300 people got their third dose of Pfizer or Moderna by noon at a site in West Orange. Essex County executive Joseph DiVincenzo said they were hit the hardest. No appointments needed at vaccination centers, which are opening New Jersey six days a week. From nine AM to five PM show Kabbalah W. O R news. In fact, New Jersey's coronavirus hospitalization rate is the highest. It's been since the middle of May. The state reported 780 hospitalizations Saturday night. That's four more than the previous night, and also the most beds filled because of Covid since May, 19th The same day, the state reported 1263 additional infections. With the Delta Fareed accounting for the majority of the tests that were sampled. The numbers reflect the slowdown in vaccinations just overall with 5.4 million New Jerseyans now fully vaccinated. That being said younger Americans are no longer shrugging off the virus as record numbers of them are ending up in the hospital. Nearly 2000 Children are in hospitals being treated for the virus. It's a record high. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, the director of the National Institutes of Health, said masks should never have become political..

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