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Them out yes NO place in Govan is heavily hi second located on the corner state Michigan and insulin and said see everything they have a bill Christmas Chevrolet dot com or by your vehicle online dot com anyway gentlemen can you got to do a quick segment because were were behind but call your shot who is the break I need if you have one if you have a couple that's fine but who is your breakout player of the season for Michigan in twenty twenty so who who is being discussed maybe discuss maybe not discussed now and then this time a year from now ransack about man what a season they had I'm gonna die on this Chris Evans hill man okay I just released I just I really think he has a phenomenal skill set for what Josh Gaddis wants to do on offense whether it's as a true running back or starting out in the backfield and motioning out into the pattern or lining up as a slot receiver maybe in the return game as a special I mean I I just think he has a he has a a really versatile skill set that and different enough from the other backs that he could really carve out a niche role and in fact I think it was was it two days ago my put up one week after we had our discussion with Mike about the what what we think what we know what we are curious about and then a prediction for I think we did quarterbacks running backs and receivers I think Chris Evans is going to lead the team in touchdowns that's my that's my big bold prediction okay might as well might be way off on that we sounds like Chardonnay was utilized and how he scored you know was it the first eleven I think we get double digit touchdowns why he did it that's a lot and I'm I might be way off but I think my point is I'm just really high and was well I'm what Chris Evans can do from a skill standpoint and from a versatility standpoint and being able to be multiple what talked about if you have Giles Jackson in the backfield I think we can probably look back at he only had a couple carries on the year but I know we lined up back there more than that that was probably a passing play if you have lined give you line Chris Evans up in the backfield you can do anything out of that you can motion about like I said or you can run you know traditional running plays so I think because I was gonna be good man I really think he's gonna be good twenty twenty and I hope he is obi's good little bit of a personal connection there like I said because I guess sort of covered him when he was like in tenth or eleventh grade and that's just kind of cool you see him come along didn't actually even have a Michigan off for the first time I saw him at a at a camp and I think it was in in the but but ran really fast forty was really athletic and impressive all day and then you no longer hold a couple years down the road he ends up becoming a Michigan player so cool to see that development and I'm just pulling for the kid and hopefully he can get back on track as a senior this is your breakout prediction you know what I want to go on a hop on the mountain that brain and bill last year and say Eric all okay yeah I try to get a catch in every single game of the season again thank you you're the dude for Eric all in my right brain jailed yeah you are and I don't have time to do is just click the all button and jailed yeah no I I think a I mean there there's gonna be a lot I think when the other position battles I know that we we are a pass that segment but I think one of the other big position battles Kyle going in is who's going to be the second guy at the tight end position I mean it's gonna be it's gonna be Mustafa Muhammad is going to be he transferred all right then I'm gonna be in them okay then in German makers is good maker will be there is a is a guy who rose pretty late in the yeah I'm watching friends DVRs like the above my head and friends is that the one where Joe we get the boat but fantastic in the fray what is I don't you're wondering what is what is joy dot share food it is branded bags right yeah I know this man's but and I think that that you know I think this could be one of the year's where him being the potential maybe second tight and on offense maybe he does have a breakout year where I mean how we've seen that with a couple of tight ends in years past we've seen it with you know dobby subject but had himself a big here but also that you're didn't why muscle forgetting the name Jack gentry gentry at the himself Bredesen season as well to and I mean the list goes on I mean I think Eric all could be it could be that guy that could be the the underlying the the low key you know offense of guy that no one is really paying attention to could be the short yardage redzone guy yeah who knows would not be the first freshman sophomore jump that a that a tight and has made really all of these tight ends have done that I mean it is a lot to learn you have to develop your body you have to develop as a blocker I like that pick any other shoe shop and I just shot my shot all right I'm gonna go with one on offense one on defense on defense it's kind of a give me so you know that's why doing one on offense but I I think Chris and I think he's got it all I think he's he's physically developed I think I think his his awareness of the game is is that I just think it's hard as a defensive tackle to make an impact in your one you really don't see it very often so I think I think he's he's in for a big season thank you offers a little bit a bit more burst than Carlo camper co come brings lots of table I think what we're talking about in terms of providing some push on the inside is brandy quit sending me funny but anyway I I think the push they they christen can bring I think that's going to make him pretty dangerous and I realize that there's room for a couple tackles for loss and sacks is especially mean and he actually weird as it sounds he finished with more tackles than Michael to imported last season and he wasn't starting and for a few games he wasn't really playing that much so I think he's an impact player on the offense aside the ball go to guy going up against them in practice I mean I I've I've vouch for Blake Corum I vouch for AJ Henning as well but I'm gonna go with Zach carpenter I I just I think there's something there I think yeah he was someone that really turned a lot heads in fall camp last year for those who don't know he was a high three star recruit but Michigan beat out Clemson for him in the state of Ohio so it's some pretty a guy who might not be as touted but it is branded mentioned his strength is really high and I think I think ed Warner can work with him he's an ed Warner guy at Warner knows the state of Ohio pretty well from his time at Ohio state I think this was someone they they he was really excited about and I don't mean to make it so simple because Steve it's been else also getting a great degree down at Vanderbilt he's very very intelligent guy I don't think if they felt this good about carpenter spinel transfer so quickly he transferred before I even left the stadium after the citrus bowl so and announced enter the portal I should say didn't officially transfer but yeah I think I think it's a lot of buzz for carpenter and I'm buying I'm buying it so anyway we'll have a break can't say for sure what we're gonna do on the other side there is the potential for an interview there is also potential for a pretty intense discussion it would probably take us to the end of the show I will see this inside the huddle for a second fifty double tickets ticket this is Damon Amanda.

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