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To sell you a vaccine or sell an appointment to get the vaccine. It's part of a scam this what's cameras do when they know that people have hopes or fears? They prey on that and get people to give up their hard earned money? So we put out this advisory The short of it is Some reaches out you affirmatively saying they'd get your vaccine Don't fall for it. If the scam if you believe you've been victimized by a covert 19 vaccine scam, you witnessed the retailers selling or attempting to sell a non FDA approved vaccine or witness. Another. Such suspicious activity reported to the Colorado Attorney general's office at stop fraud. Colorado dot gov. Colorado's governor, Polish says counties Now with the red level on the state's covered 19 dial can move toe orange on Monday is decision is based on downward trends in cases, deaths and hospitalizations. Restaurants will be allowed to have limited indoor dining and businesses can increase their capacity. But the governor tells Kay away that we all need to be careful because the virus is with us, including a new, more contagious strain. So he's offering this advice for ringing in the new year. Let's just celebrate with your household in your home. You know, stay until midnight. You can be virtually it. Relatives watched the ball drop on TV. You know, those are the kinds of things that they can help you stay alive and your family stay alive and Colorado get through this right now. Colorado is top five and vaccinations per capita and then the next 4 to 5 weeks, people 70 and older will be getting the first dose of the vaccine. Newly elected 18th Judicial District attorney John Kellner is bringing back former D A George Brock Lor toe lead the prosecution team in the stem high school Shooting Islands Ranch case Brock Lear's going to be serving as the chief deputy district attorney through the duration of the trial that's set to start February 1st. He'll be joining the D A's office on a part time basis. One day after American bombers flew over the Persian Gulf in the latest message to Iran, the Islamic republic's top diplomat firing back on Twitter, saying the Americans are wasting their money Flying B 52 bombers to the region. U S Navy has at least three warships in the Persian Gulf armed with dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles. For the first time in nearly a decade. U. S Got a missile submarine is also in the gulf. Right now. This is the one year anniversary of U. S forces, killing Iranian General Qasem Soleimani approaches Sunday. Iran has vowed revenge in Washington. Lucas Tomlinson Fox News streets Negative Right now, the Dow industrials down 14 points the S and P 500 losing to the NASDAQ off 38. Our next news update is a 12 30. I'm Susan Witkin on Keohane, NewsRadio, a 50 A M and 94 1 FM. Hey, it's your home and I need to ask you a few favors in the kitchen. There's.

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