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Picks. Week 17. Still feeling like I'm seeing the league pretty well right now. We lost a 170,000 last week, but man, I like the pix last week. Lost on Philly plus four and a half really felt like they could have covered or potentially won lost on Miami against Green Bay. We know what happened that game. I still like the pick. I still like the pics this week. We have four big plays. First one, dolphins, in New England. We're not even taking the dolphins plus two now. We're taking the dolphins plus one 26 to win. You heard me talk all week. I don't think this patriots team is good. That's scared by the teddy Bridgewater piece. I think the dolphins have more talent. I think they are hungry to four game losing streak. Are they going to lose 5 games? They're hungry for a win. They need to get into this race, not just be the 7th sea, but potentially even if the ravens lose, they get to the 6th seed. Dolphins, plus 20, 26. We're scaling it back down a little bit this week, just because week 17, the motivations, who knows. In this game, we know what the motivations are. Betting 500,000. Dolphins plus one 26. That's game number one. Game number two, jets at Seattle. I'm on the record. I love this jets team. If they have a decent quarterback, I think this jet seems talented. Seattle has been a disaster the last few weeks. I think they're one in 5 in their last 6, 38 defensive DVA. They can't stop anybody. And I think the jets are going to be able to move the ball on them. I'm not scared about Mike white coming back with whatever his rib thing is. The jets play it for their lives, so Seattle. This is a loser leaves town match, but Seattle's last 5 in a row. They've kind of already left town. Jets minus one and a half were betting 500,000 on that. Vikings plus three in Green Bay. We're grabbing the Vikings, I just don't believe in this Green Bay team. They had a huge losing streak. They beat Chicago, they beat the rams, they look at and that dolphins game, and then everybody's like, Rogers is back. Is he? Is he back? Was that offense lightening up last week? Christian Watson might be banged up. I don't feel like they're defense can get stops. I don't think they're very well coached. I don't like their special teams. The Vikings over and over again close games. They've been lights out. So even if this is a field goal game, maybe it's a push, if it's a field goal game, fourth quarter, tight, I just believe in the Vikings. They've won me over over and over again. They pulled out these games, spent 500,000 Vikings plus three. And last but not least, charger steelers would tease them 6 pointees, taking the Chargers down to minus a half against the ramps and the Steelers up to plus 8 and a half against the ravens. I think they're better than the ravens. Might not even need to tease them, but just to be safe, the ravens, they pulled a bunch of dumb games out of their butt this year. So we're putting 500,000 on a charger steelers tees and then last but not least, a little underdog parlay, a special one for you this week. Bears plus two 20 to beat Detroit. Could they run all over them the same way Carolina did last week? Sure. So we're grabbing them, and then the second piece of the par is the Panthers against the bucks. Get low creative fear. Panthers to win the first half, Panthers to win the game is plus two 20 on FanDuel. So we're going to take that plus two 20. We're going to put it with the bears. Plus 9 24.

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