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Tell you why hate war and he said no not really He's hosting a show and it's. A tough job, to do and. He's got to concentrate, but O'Dowd what a good dude, he is he. Looks at me. And he says why don't you tell? Me why you don't like I'll listen should all thanks man even we debated five minutes earlier, about something and I said here's my. Problem when. I took math my teacher would? Say to me show your work. So you work how did you get to that. Answer how did you. Get to these random. Numbers b k and. Everybody, else does is they say his f- war. Is six point two that's great what the hell does it mean you're just giving me a number. I just make that up to you're absolutely right I agree with you I? See that criticism it makes perfect sense say thank you and. Then he flashes up something I don't know what's on your show or. Another one because I was on a few last week where has the career war of, you out, of your money and Russell Martin and they're about? The same and, there's, somebody else Handle or something. Yeah somebody who's good really good but not a whole Famer and they were? Comparable to your Molina and. This was like proof They certainly. It just to me it was proved that war is not perfect per federal. Approves prove the numbers can show me and this is. My challenge show me, how you get to the, number. Shown me how. You get there? I'll sit do all the boring crop to find out maybe I'll come, friendly but for me right now Johnny take? Random number so. What right your war when you come. On the show is a. Three, point seven how the hell, did I get to that I don't know I just made up. By like that thank you That's. A. Pretty good war war I'll. Take that well that's not a bad war but to, me I look at. The list of, war and I see flaws, Lou Whitaker I think. Has the same war or slightly. Higher than Derek Jeter there's nobody on. This planet like would tell you, that they are in the same category Lou Whitaker is, a borderline hall of Famer we were, tough on EMI was knocked. Off the ballot immediately someone could tell me off Famer I'd say okay maybe. Is Derek Jeter is a one hundred percent first ballot. Hall of Famer all-time, great he's on the Yankee, pantheon. If you name. The top seven. Yankees of all time he's probably in there so I mean that war, is not perfect clearly is not perfect now? I do look. At it I have an MVP vote. This year You just said Look at it I. Don't know why why is Look. At it Yeah I looked at the that I look at. The post. Today that's great. Good for you Look at a lot of things what does that mean. Look, award I look at what is he a, dumb is I look at, where to, see, okay. Let me see how stupid is. This, year who's got a better war then blah blah blah and. Then it. Makes me laugh What was it early one that I think we either, we, talked about I was on some show talked, about was it was Brett, Gardner had, I, say. More higher war than JD Martinez That was. Going crazy and. He's still is he's. Got like like. A thousand and Gardner. Had like six hundred ridiculous so I think. They don't have the defensive metrics right down on. What they have. I don't know there's some of it I don't know I. Look at it I think it's better than you shouldn't on my goal is to make. You never look at that's my goal John, Hayman you can stick around for a few more minutes I, want to throw out your. Cesspits at first base and some more on the Yankees John Hayman.

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