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Live from NPR news I'm Nora Raum the justice department is trying to elves the U. S. attorney who oversaw key investigations of allies of president trump including trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani but as NPR's John Newman reports Geoffrey Berman says he will not resign Berman says he will not step down as the U. S. attorney for the Southern District of New York until one nominee is confirmed by the Senate Berman says he learned of his forced departure in a statement by Attorney General William Barr Barr says the president intends to nominate J. clean the current chairman of the securities and exchange commission to take over the role NPR's John Newman the Oklahoma Supreme Court has denied an attempt to block president trump's holds a campaign rally over concerns about the possible spread of coronavirus Seth Bodine of member station K. O. S. U. reports in their unanimous decision Oklahoma Supreme Court justices cited the state's re opening plan which allows the operation of entertainment venues such as the POK center where the rally is being held that reopening plan does not include mandatory requirements for social distancing the decision comes after a group of Tulsa attorneys filed a lawsuit attempting to enforce safety protocols at the venue were nineteen thousand people are expected to gather Tulsa mayor GT Bynum Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt and president trump's campaign say safety at the event as a matter of personal responsibility and those who are vulnerable to the virus should stay home for NPR news I'm so thirteen in Tulsa Oklahoma Arizona continues to set daily records for new code nineteen cases the Phoenix city council has approved a city wide requirement for face coverings Christina Estes from member station KJZZ has more Phoenix police chief Jeri Williams says the policy put her department in a challenging situation and officers will respond only when requested this would be upon complaints of this isn't police officers roaming around the city looking for people who are not wearing the proper PP this would be upon complaint officers will carry flyers explaining the order and asking people to comply if that officer decides to issue a non criminal citation the chief says a supervisor will be present face coverings are required when people are outside their homes and within six feet of others who are not family or household members there are several exceptions including for medical and religious reasons for NPR news I'm Christina Estes in Phoenix health officials in Brazil say that country reached one million coronavirus cases Friday and is approaching fifty thousand deaths it's now the second hardest hit country by the coronavirus second only to the U. S. many experts say the actual number of cases is higher because of a lack of testing presence here Bolsonaro has been widely criticized for his response to the crisis he rejects social distancing calling them job killers this is NPR news the United Nations nuclear watchdog is calling on Iran to allow inspectors to enter sites linked to a suspect nuclear program dating back nearly two decades Kerry Skyrim has more a resolution passed by envoys to the international atomic energy agency asks for prompt access to the locations and full cooperation from Iran the agency is looking for new information on an old program the suspected secret coordinated attempt to gain nuclear weapons that ended in two thousand and three the sites the IAEA believes could still host undeclared nuclear material Iran has always denied the existence of such a program and says the case was closed two years ago the resolution to increase pressure on Iran was passed with just two dissenting votes those of Iran's allies Russia and China for NPR news I'm Kerry sky ring in Vienna a bankruptcy judge in California says he'll approve a plan for Pacific gas and electric to emerge from bankruptcy the utility will pay twenty five and a half billion dollars to those claiming the company's outdated equipment cause wildfires that killed more than a hundred people and wiped out entire towns a judge in Atlanta Friday denied bond to a police officer charged with the murder of racial R. Brooks killed after an encounter with police at a Wendy's fast food parking lot last Friday the judge found there is probable cause to hold Garrett role for felony murder discovery records released Friday showed roles had been the subject of several citizen complaints have been.

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