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Leader Mitch McConnell and other congressional leaders from both parties as he tries to find a bipartisan agreement on his infrastructure proposal. The president's meeting with McConnell, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is the first formal gathering of the 14. Rational leaders since taking off since President Biden took office tomorrow, the president will meet with six Republican senators and hear their plans for a smaller and more narrowly defined infrastructure bill. Visor is moving closer for using its covert 19 vaccine kit of vaccines and younger Children. The CDC meeting today to decide whether to recommend the vaccine for adolescents, 12 to 15. The FDA has already approved the shots for the age group. The CDC is decision today could be the last step before states can start using the shots for the younger age group. Montgomery County Health officials are responding to questions about life after covert 19 vaccinations. Montgomery County Health officer Dr Travis Gales said once fully vaccinated, people should feel comfortable socializing, especially with others who have been vaccinated, but noting that roughly 250,000 residents have not yet gotten their first dose. Council member Craig Rice said to those pushing for the county to fully reopen, make sure you're reaching out to your neighbors to your family, your friends, those that you know, and you're encouraging them to get vaccinated. We all want to get back to you is that that sense of normalcy? CDC data has showed that 48% of county residents have been fully vaccinated. Kate Ryan w T o P News A class of 2021 Listen up. This is pretty good news. Crispy cream is giving you a graduation gift. Here's correspondent Elise Preston Crispy Green is giving high school and college graduates a sweet treat to celebrate their accomplishments during the pandemic. Tomorrow, the chain will give graduates of free dozen doughnuts. The graduates just have to stop by a crispy cream location in their class of 2021 gear. It's the second year crispy cream has honored graduates. In this way. Oh, I know a couple kids will be all over that. What's in the box? Original glazed chocolate iced and strawberry iced with Sprinkles. Also some custom flavors. Yes, and they share it with us. Yeah, it is. 10 44 that hot, steamy Washington summer weather will be here before you know it well, your residential or commercial cooling system Keep up. If you're not sure your system's going to beat the heat this year called the five star cooling experts across Metcalf. Whether.

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