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Taking the test But there's there's definitely going to be a lot of changes just people who think differently now after what we've gone through and think are thinking differently. About what what they want to do in life so no agenda jobs dot com if i make a recommendation is map that to a mastodon suit server get it from masto dot host federate with no agenda social dot com idea. Keep that just as jobs posting. you don't have to open it up for other people Or you can for comments. I mean there's a lot of different configuration options. That would be a great addition to the federated network. So and i'll give you what you ask for ten seconds of it around shakes try to bring not just it's all you get you get ten scripted. Kevin dill's earl of north carolina. Three four five six seven huntersville north carolina in the morning. And he says they'll send a private note to adam. Check your dm's on no agenda social. Please pray for all of the children of gitmo nation. Please send karma cer- kevin dill's earl of north carolina. Now i did not see anything in email. I don't believe. I had anything in in the dmz and i don't know what's going on. It sounds like he has something really import par to say. Let me double check and see me. Came in maybe came in late. Skim your phone number now l. Let's not do that my phone number now. I don't have anything. Bro are wait. No no not not not no oh here. It is now. You didn't have a but now. It appears well. He says good ice. Oh if you can clean up the right channel and tighten it up give you an ice. Oh okay i missed that one so well right as we go sorry next show yes indeed shea in orlando is next three thirty three thirty three special executive producer deal named for donation. Kona shea note. It am listener for about a year. Thanks for all you guys do. I just i do. I could be you guys. Do i just cut the corporate umbilical cord and opened up an automation and analytics consultancy. Wow i would love some karma for that. And i'd like i need a d. Douching of been deed douched job will disney jobs karma ghana company. Were around we. Take karma seriously ashley slater l. gruber minnesota and also that First time an executive producer donation three three three dot three three first off. She says please. Deduce ben deed do second my beautiful and wise but still douchebag friend marina hit me in the mouth in the spring of twenty twenty around the time. I started to question the whole. Kobe narrative i am forever thankful for that considered injury to the face as listening to the best podcast in the universe has show. Just how stupid. And uninformed i used to be no you were over and under-informed but you save you save up until recently used to wonder how people could be so stupid then. I realized shit that used to be me. i. I was opinionated. While also one hundred percent uninformed there well we all have that. From time to time. I base my opinions on politics and the like off of what friend said what i saw on social media and what little i saw on the news and passing like most glommed onto what was being said on mass around me. I didn't question anything. I wasn't even aware needed to question anything at all. Well that surely has changed. Thanks to you too yes. You're forever in this place. There's no escaping it. You can't go back. you can't unsee. It can't put the genie back in the bottle. You can go overboard. True words can't express how much i treasure. What you two are providing so to say thank you. Here's a little of my treasure. Three thirty three thirty three my first installment on my way to damehood by three human resources. Love these jingles if you could please play for them. Woo hoo listen to that horn. Don't eat me bo jaden. And perhaps a hefty dose of karma Of your choosing for all and. I wonder maybe i just make sure that we do sh- bag her friend marina. She wanted karma room like you actually boom boom boom boom boom all right. Onward with alex brewer. In kill devil hills does what it says if that's pretty interesting name for a town. That's in north carolina The north carolina's becoming the next trendy state three thirty three thirty three. It's been five glorious years as my father. Sir arthur your once and future king. Hit me in the crisp with chris. Crisp left hook right in the kisser. I now stand before you all a little older. A little wiser with a littler amid della and unsheathed third. I had that looked at with this donation of three thirty three thirty three and my thirty third birthday adam. Tusk me on that birthday list. I become a night. I would like to be knighted. Sir ignite thorough assert ignite of ignite films southern hollywood outfit. Okay you think did offer me a role for at least a part bit-part. I love going north. What does it say right there john. I'm still working on your bid. Part goes on the fly. I'm thinking you're an agitated store clerk in downtown portland. It's april twenty twenty. You're caught in between rivalling factions of peaceful protests and menacing gang of proud boys. They're up to no good. You notice a palette of bricks to canisters of kerosene and a blow torch mysteriously appeared in front of your store the night before. Your mind is a fog. After late night with a bottle of peach schnapps a two words. Keep repeating themselves in a faint whisper. Stay safe and seen far as i've written but i think it has potential. This is anyways my most fervent wish that the following be provided for myself and fellow dame's at nights at this evening's roundtable fresh caught outer banks tuna steaks and back ins are batches back ins back in japanese barbecue sauce. Never heard of it. wow. I've never heard of this either. This is very new north carolina's of barbecue bar. The king of barbecue states Cons japanese barbeque king king. The king of wacky sure. Yeah he says Before i go. I must call at my good friend. Paul for his douchebag ary. I cracked him up with the thais. Esque uppercut manny months ago. And i've yet to hear his name uttered by either of you during any donations segment.

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