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He looks like he's done this at this level before and then peter king added. This is interesting because mike. Parsons opted out of last season at penn state so it is worth mentioning again that mike. Parsons has not played organized competitive football since the end of the two thousand nine hundred nine season for the nittany lions. Peter king went on to add that. The cowboys have an interesting and deep linebacker group. I don't know that i would call a deep. I mean they do have a lot of names He added obviously the jalen smith and layton vander show their etc. The kiana neal's obviously come over but he had a quote from mica. Parsons micro said i'm gonna blitz. I'm going to go silent a sideline. i'm going to drop peter king this. These are his words not mine said he could be a classic middle linebacker to forty eight pounds with the added benefit of quickness to chase down plays dallas one of the kind of playmaking. Fred warner bobby. Wagner type backer. And they're going to give parsons the chance to be him ultimately the takeaway from this is. It doesn't seem like mike mccarthy and the cowboys are you know like some teams waste time. You know what. I mean like the jacksonville jaguars around out here telling people well. We'll see what happens at the quarterback competition. Look nobody believes the garden and she was going to be your started week. Want and if you do that. You're just wasting time lead. Trevor lawrence get in there and learn you know what i mean. That happens a lot in the nfl. And i'm happy to see. Mike mccarthy's not wasting time that they wanna get micro. Parsons involved as soon as they possibly can. Very cool stuff last thing last little. You know. I don't know this is a big deal. I don't even know that. Deal in general. But today is tuesday august third. A week from today is tuesday august tenth next week on august tenth is the premiere episode of hard knocks on. Hbo obviously chronicling the dallas cowboys. In case you didn't know we will have live. Streams live shows on the blog of the boys youtube channel as soon as the hard knocks episode ends. so whatever. you're watching hamanaka whether it's your tv your apple. Tv roku fire steak. Whatever when it's done pull up the youtube app. Go to bob in the boys and you can watch us a breakdown what we all just saw but nfl films released a clip. I guess a clip. I don't know this is going to make the premiere episode or not but they released a clip to some degree from hard knocks. And it's really just kind of a teaser clip. Everybody get bombed everybody excited in the clip. Zeke elliott is just walking around the compound there at the mary. I in oxnard looking for his room. He gets lost. He can't find it ha. This is hilarious. That's hard knocks people. Everybody get ready. It feels good to be back and appreciate all the welcome wishes to returning to the two thousand twenty one edition of the ocho here on the blog. Otherwise podcast network makes you to subscribe to podcasts network rating router review. Those things make us. Oh so happy have yourself. Tuesday have the best tuesday of all time later on today. A new episode of the seven five was myself in two time superbowl champion. Tony casillas right here on the feed. We love your everybody It's been a while. i'm sorry. I'm just getting back onto them. This as always go cowboys and peace out support for this episode comes from forward. Most people go to the

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