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P.. I don't. I think we can say the name, but like just. In case I would double check with her, maybe on a part to it and say it. We'll see but miss. P. is actually being an assistant writer for someone and I think the book is going to be huge huge. Oh, yeah, can't wait. I can assist you writers. They are important. You know and yeah, hearst writer, all like USA live in Kentucky. He visited the coal mines, and he speaks her language. He also traveled with her for a year and has been to butcher Holler so. She told him that's George. We're GONNA have us a hardback book. doggone right? It's going to be a good book. Anything I go at I. Go at it hard because I only do what I want. It's going to be the best book about country music because I don't take no seconds OF HER ATTITUDE! Oh wait till you just. She's incredibly so this book called Coal Miner's daughter is also the name of her biggest song till Loretta, but you're holler where she grew up is the most important part of her life. She said the butcher. Holler may be the most backwards part of the country. She's ever seen and she's seen the whole country. She says that she's the most backward person you ever saw. She says I never knew where babies came from until it happened to me, so she's got a great sense of humor. She's really really smart, and she's Hilarious, so let's kick things off by playing coal miner's daughter..

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