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However that is also beneficial sleeping in the nude. Jim Chenevey, CBS news. First lady, Melania, Trump says she could be the most bullied person in the world she made the remark during a TV interview in which she promoted her be best initiatives, which take on bullying. Critics point out that her husband routinely marks people for their looks. And for what he says is a lack of talent or intelligence in her interview segment on good Morning, America. She claimed she is the most bullied person in the world. I'm Jim Taylor. CBS news. I'm John Valeria and locally Philadelphia. Police have the car, but not the female driver wanted in a weekend parking lot hit and run at a Dunkin donuts in the northeast KYW's Steve tower reports there was dramatic video of the incident. As a group of men milled around the front door along the ninety one hundred block of Roosevelt boulevard northeast detectives division. Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum says a woman and a twenty seventeen dodge challenger pulled up. There's some words exchanged about them standing in front of the door after griping the woman dressed in what looks to be nurses, attire grabbed a Cup of coffee, but as she left and the men had their backs to her walking away. Rosenbaum says she gone the engine of that vehicle. She turns the vehicle ran accelerates and runs over the complaints. But twenty nine year old victim suffered multiple fractures. And officials say he has a long road to recovery. It happened Saturday morning and hours later keen officers observed the challenger near Aitken's oval and pulled the driver over at twenty second street, but the man inside the owner of the car was uncooperative, according to police, Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio..

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