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For him they have so much influx of front in this pittsburgh offense with marquees counties retirement and some of the other departures in free agency. So pittsburgh is now going to have to bank in the depth of the offensive line class on day to to help them get day. One plug and play starters so that they can make the most of travis any dynamic back who should be able to take the predominant workload here in pittsburgh with the departure. James conner taking a look at the jacksonville. Jaguars what they've done so far. Well they haven't really had any fun. Tony wiggins sat there. Pick one made the only pick that everybody knew he had to make trevor lawrence number one overall to have some fun now at pick twenty five. What direction are the jacksonville. Jaguars in the biggest need of in this mock draft now in late round one because there are plenty of needs for a team that earned the number one overall pick in the draft. They could obviously go so many directions. I mean they are not short on needs but the roster starting to shape up a little bit. I remember jenkins again. And we'll see if that's the direction they go. I've seen fryer moose. The second tight end mocked year. That's a little early for me. Maybe this is where the first safety or defensive tackle comes off the board. That would make a lot of sense. Their safety position was terrible last year. So again this is a tough one to predict because they could probably go five different. Dereck is a good pick here jacksonville. It would make a lot of sense things some size on the defensive line. Absolutely there's one i know about. Gm trent balki from his days in san francisco. He loves the length especially with defensive. Lineman maybe dark for this election would be someone like gregory russo. With for long arms. Big hands might remind train bulky of maybe one of his best draft picks for a short time alden smith with that length and i think he could see some of that in him. So that's probably my darkhorse pickier for jacksonville. He liked to draft and players with length and torn acl. So we'll see if that's the direction the jacksonville jaguars go with the selection at twenty five the pick is in tony wiggins take it away. Hi tony wiggins with locked on jaguars. I tried to move up from the twenty fifth. Pick to the twenty third pig. Get front of the pittsburgh. Steelers to take travis eight again. Trevor launches running mate up at clemson. But the jets didn't want to do business. So i'm sitting at twenty five so i'm gonna take jalen phillips the pass rusher so the university of miami is not a constellation pig. This is a chance to get the best pass. Rusher in the draft. We got the best quarterback in the draft. Now we've got the best pass rushing draft. He's going to provide competition for canavan chase on. Who was the number one. Pick of the jaguars last year. At number twenty five. Ironically he's gonna provide competition in depth to see who goes on the opposite side or josh allen in the new three four defense run by joe color. This is not a constellation. Pick at all. This is more talent in the front seven for jacksonville as they continue to try to find that defensive identity so we're happy to have jalen phillips come aboard. Continue to both of the front seven and the defense for the jacksonville jaguars. Three more picks in the next twenty picks they'll find more explosive. Does on offense to help. Trevor long right now. They're going to be monsters on defense for jacksonville with the addition jalen phillips. It was a defensive end. But it was jalen phillips. Matt we've about is your number one edge player in this class dynamic coming off the edge only had the one really good season in miami after problems with concussions in his career transferred and showed no ill signs of any of these injuries last year. And if you're just going off one year of tape going off his fantastic workouts jalen phillips would absolutely be the top edge in this class. Maybe even a top ten pick for our exercise. We don't really have any team doctors yelling at us. Telling us know he'd have been long gone if i were picking the top twenty four so we mentioned for preface. This picked by saying they could go numerous directions. Why don't just take the best guy out. I feeling just look best player available. What's the biggest impact high impact position. Okay pass rusher. We got our quarterback. They could've absolutely helped young quarterback with a pass catcher or with office of wineman. But a defensive end. I think there's a clear top three edge players in this class now. All three of them are off the board jalen phillips to the jacksonville jaguars five. Brian baldinger. Not a doctor. But some doctorate level breakdowns from brian baldinger. Let's see what he says about. Jacksonville jaguars selecting jalen phillips. The twenty five phillips from the university of miami was transferred from ucla injuries and key cushion issues. Even thought about not playing football sat out two thousand nine hundred and came back this year and had a big season for the miami hurricanes at is eight sacks and sixteen tackles philosophies but he's got great size. He's over six five. He's almost two hundred seventy pounds. He's long he's laying. He looks the part. He's just very inexperienced. Would i be concerned about his past history. Not so much. He was young when those things happen. They haven't the injuries didn't travel with them. But what i would be concerned about is just his inexperience and how difficult that transition from defensive. Line edge pass rusher from college. The nfl is to begin with and then when you really only had one year of experience it's really difficult. The size of the tackles using go against the schemes. I think he's got a lot to learn about rushing the passer jacksonville. Jaguars invested heavily in edge. Rushers last two years josh allen in two thousand nineteen lack of chase on lashing two thousand twenty nine those two guys had three and a half sacks total last year so to say that they have solved the issue of how to build a defense and get edge pressure. I wouldn't say is the case now. Maybe they might unleash fury this year they both show town but i think jalen phillips could he fit in jacksonville absolutely i mean they need more firepower edge than what they have shown even though that they spent two number one draft picks at that position i could see them continuing to draft to add depth competition. The best man with all those kinds of things so jailed filters who's going to be a first round talent. He's got a long ways to go. He's got a lot of developing you do before he could say he's gonna be a great pass rusher in the nfl. Jj jackson the host of locked on a c. c.'s. Been watching jalen phillips for a short time because he wasn't around miami for very long but at a massively impactful season. Jj jackson on the pass rusher. Who is now jacksonville. Jaguars in the ultimate mock draft. Jay jackson from lockdown blue devils to give you an acc perspective of miami hurricanes edge rusher jay phillips phillips standing five and waiting two hundred and sixty pounds is one of the premier pass rushing draft prospects and the sheriff's plants phillips who is a top high school recruit in two thousand seventeen blazed his first two seasons of college football for the ucla bruins with his big frame and a very active motor many nfl. Teams would love to add phillips to their defense. Jill philips is someone who can.

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