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None of them grabbed you well howard kremer and i went to go see black panther and then there was like a sick family in front of us so we went to another movie and then they were all kind of bads we just kept we thought we would just try to see a little bit maybe you were just washing the trailers no i mean like i saw i some sort movie stink let's get out of here i mean the movies at universal city walk aren't very good i don't think that's how it works i don't think they get they get lesser movies there i think they just can't whatever out in the market i don't really like blockbuster movies so i saw net flicks movies and speaking of netflix she is private reserve filter fish the last one we walked into the religious movie called doubt no the ten commandments pete the games or later stop it swimming about a rock a christian rock song from the nineties really only no so that was the that was the one we saw last oh awful i guess really it sounds like a winner faithbased movies are really a thing now johnny movies yeah yeah but the kids that came out where real real sweet lot of christians kids in the crowd no city left because there was sick family we gotta get the fuck out of black panther a very important cultural milestone and you're like i can't be next to sneeze.

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