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They think our country is. And here's ktrh is Jeff Biggs share, according to Jessica Marie Bomb Gardner of the epic times. The most common belief is that America is a failed experiment. I don't understand how so many people can come to such a conclusion that that I believe is still incorrect. I think it's the public school system. They present slavery. It was only ever white people who did it. And our founding fathers are these horrible hypocrite. It starts with indoctrination bomb Gardner also telling Ktrh, they are also big on these groups like mental illness. A lot of people on the left, they wear their mental illness like a badge. So if I would get attacked by a leftist on Twitter before I left Twitter, all I had to do was say, Well, I'm bipolar and magically. Everybody stopped bothering me. Same thing. Joining groups like BLM or Antifa makes them feel a part of some kind of a movement. Rather than part of the country. You know, it's so terrible that everybody in the world wants to come here. As we're seeing right now. Go figure now 706, a study released this month from Moxie, which calls itself a nonpartisan social ecosystem. That's a poll polling concern found that most Americans would fail a citizenship test. Only 42% overall could pass if you break it down by party affiliation 44% of Republicans passed, compared you 35% of Democrats, independents to the best, So they're passing grade was 54%. 703 is your time. Former President Donald Trump may not be in the White House right now, but he reminds he has not conceded to Joe Biden. No, I never admitted defeat and we have a Lot of things happening right now. I think that that was an election. That was I don't think all you have to do is read the newspapers and see what's coming out now. Mhm. He's speaking to David Brody on Real America's voice and talking about the audits going on in Arizona and several other states, which he says will show voter Fraud and illegal election. I think they will come back with that, and I think other states are also going to come back with that. And it's going to be determined what's going to happen. Yes, Yesterday we told you about those 200,000 votes that went missing in Maricopa County, Arizona. That's where Biden allegedly won by just 10,000 votes. We have the entire trump interview at ktrh dot com. It is now 704 bound to happen. Even NASA now forcibly going woke. NASA is launching a new initiative that has nothing to do with space exploration, called Mission Equity at NASA were on a mission of equity, launching opportunity, equal.

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