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Actors in the home they added benefits of having a video presence in your home or eight in early detection with tech trends i'm michelle franzen abc news koa newsradio 850 am and 941 fm this is perspective from abc news i'm cheri preston cheering mcclay wants to do to get in top shape top fiscal shape so she is open the financial jim in new york city she tells abc's daria albinger she and her colleagues are not financial advisers at least not in the traditional sense most financial advisers are focused on working with clients to help them with their investment portfolio and we joke we see that's the assets that's a good side of what people look like and where interested in looking at everything so we're looking at how much our clients are spending on the expenses were looking at helping them manage their debts and we're also looking at their assets in their investments but we're really looking at their total financial picture to get a really great idea of their total financial health i'd stir the idea for the financial jim because i was a fan angela visor at merrill lynch and to work with of merrill lynch financial advisor you had to have two hundred fifty thousand in assets and i was building a practice with high networth individiuals but also meeting what i called pro bono clients people who didn't have two hundred and fifty thousand in assets but they wanted to work with a person and not a website or an app and they might have two hundred fifty thousand a student loan debt or ten thousand and assets and i wanted to create a place for them where and really i wanna create a place in general and for every one where it doesn't matter what you look like on your personal balance sheet on your um with your money we have clients who have zero dollars in the bank when they start and clients who have five million dollars in the bank and i wanted to give them a place where they knew that they could go and get financial help no matter what they needed just like anybody.

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