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That website. Dr John Huber out of Austin, Texas for psychologists so just some random thoughts here. And I just went oh Kassim by do you ever do that with with clients, just say, whatever's, whatever's on your mind, you say it, and then you have my clients usually do it. Then I interpret it. Yeah. Okay. So consider me your nonpaying client who's having you on his show for free in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love how this is working out for me. This is so awesome. You know, what word I really love and it cracks Christopher when we we see the commercial that aired off and on TV. They talk about jellyfish. I think jellyfish is such a funny word I had before I met you. I thought jellyfish was just a funny word. Most funny words start with a K like Cucamonga or kangaroo or whatever. Koala koalas great. That's a great funny. Word animals are great too and quality bears. Are so cute. There's an anchor on local twelve here named John Lomax who does the morning show and he's been on for years. And he's a great great hosts, great newscaster. But he I've always said he looks like a koala bear. Oh, really? Yeah. No. And Sheila gray is a lovely woman. Also, a very talented news professional who works on the set with John most mornings, and she sits in between, John and the other male anchor. Bob Herzog who looks like curious George the monkey and Sheila Sheila sits in between them, and she doesn't turn her body. She just moves her head back and forth is they're talking. She looks like a barn. Owl. I kid you not. But back to back to jellyfish..

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