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Now a step back from seventy right-wing. No good rebutted by four pounds it on the deck. Pump fakes a couple of times. Pivots tosses outside for Davis. Davidson against Simpson on a closeout Davidson bus pass along the baseline of afford stuck there goes opposite wing, and we get a three second violation against Wisconsin calill is great defense by Michigan avenue. Just total commitment. Takes a lot of commitment when you give up a offensive rebound, and knowing that you're going to have to fan palm with another twenty five seconds. So that's why it's very important to get those rebounds. And Michigan has done a good job on the other hand with four rebounds start this ballgame. So hidden some extra possessions, Ethan half and Coby king back into the game. For Wisconsin wolverines lead by one seventeen. Sixty Simpson causes topside Tessie is the three allied bribe bullet there was sort rebutted by Simpson. Michigan on a six nothing. Run over the last four minutes or so Simpson. Hesitates, right. Mid post delivers right back to Simpson. Looking inside instead, decking credit create some space against price goes left point for pool. Fifteen shoot around the screen from testy toward the free throw line backs it up close to Simpson right back to pool. A jab step reverse comes out to face garden. Cool tried to lose it setback. Seventeen footer missed it rebound by Ethan half. Half of the second board trades it in the front court to trice price looking inside for readers overplayed by pool. Now, he feeds rivers on the left wing right back to trace between the circles right side, perhaps behind the back dribble. Stuck in the lanes to rivers right back into punched. Loose by Eski. Picked up by Simpson. Coast-to-coast plays it up. Yes. It dropped through nineteen sixteen. Michigan leads it. Under five minutes to go in the half. In the transition. Offense can come from just good solid defense. Getting some deflections getting run it doesn't help the come off a Reebok timeout Greg guard for thirty nine remaining wolverines on an eight nothing run. Wisconsin is miss their last four and turned it over four times. The last five minutes to give Michigan this free point. Ed, we'll break for thirty thirty second time right here on ninety four. Indeed knows.

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