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Lipscomb player surrounded by cheerleaders the by sent mascot as well hogs all around it views cheers starting to leak out for the first time ever lipscomb is going to the ncaa tournament it was a decade and a half ago that lipscomb made the moon from an ira to vision one last time they were this close to the big dance with two thousand six when they lost in the a son titled gained a belmont in overtime today lipscomb finishing the job tell us in years later 108 96 as they beat f g see you on their home floor for the second time in fifteen days interesting that is the only team to have a winning record in the sun over all these years is lifted the only team to be able to win in this consistent way in this arena has been lifted the third straight time last year this year now jason championship and garrison matthew joins us garrison congratulations on the victory in making the ncaa tournament for the first time in lipscomb history let's start with the first how you or unconscious along with the rest of your team what allowed you and your guys distort so high defense i mean we started out great on defense when we we started a great defence whitfield's offense for sure how are you able to hold fg see you off in the end at one point they cut the lead for forty two down to single digits of his six point game at one point how did you hang on it was tough but i think our experience will walder guys we've been here before they are blitz this with second time we play them here um so i think the.

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