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Kd w a un terry welcome to the program hello hello hey so you know i only that area ninety one third though in although in down i'm wondering where you earn it blew a thought remote who evident from now you've gotta be kidding right i mean this is a joke is this humanitarian aid calling mirror i mean have you been looking all media i mean it's everywhere i mean come on this is that stuff that's made up this is not this police scanners even police scam i had security i've had security guards that worst doing security that night also confirm multiple shooting hearing it taxicab drivers firmed in care what a how do you know there was it oh okay but did you were there any end so you were there and among twenty thousand people when you were running for your life you're going to tell me time and he really weren't there then you really weren't there and i think it's great occuping quite okay look i'm going to be honestly they terry number ones you had a terry terry you might be that your hands when you're not going to do it to me so goodbye okay i'm not going to play with you see i have my own wife and my own wife doesn't do that to me i'll be damned if i'm gonna let you you do that to me jerry go yelled your husband you're going to yell at me number one your connection sucks i'm trying to tell you that and number two i don't care what kind of her roach you did or didn't do it because there's a line of heroes that did many things you're calling to argue with me because you don't like what i said so at least have the guts to say that am asking the fundamental question that you don't seem to want to answer i am not telling you there is i'm not saying there was i am saying that there has been accounts of many people saying there was and some that said there was our now dead i'm asking questions see you must have corn cobs in your ears because i didn't say there were second third fourth or fifth i asked the question could there be many have said there was police scanner activity has this confused timelines have us confuse that is what is called true media at work terry i like to.

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