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The be here now called he's of American immigrants, but you know whether wherever they from our ways found out what from did just start a conversation about right before I came here where you from brother, he was like, oh, I'm from Haiti. I say you from Haiti, we'll get you John Laney's to love at your face out outta here. But what I said that for those don't know, Google Google, you know about the French revolution, but Google Haizhu revolution and you'll see both of those two names pop up to overture and John Laney's, you know, they were very instrumental in David, the leaders of it lead well, and that's the thing. Everybody, they will leaders as far as we talking about. Organizing and being one person to point at, but I don't think revolt religion have just a leader. I think everybody's revolting at the same time. So there shouldn't be illegal, like just to make an example. They say Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman were at bullishness in my mind, thought every black person does should be an abolition you've been me right, but that may be complicated needs to be some infrastructure of somebody to send out all the handwritten letter. Got that. Somebody got a handle supplies. What what they had to get this apply to get. You know somebody gotta talk to the wholesaler, man. The dope game. I give. Thank my with what brought all is about. You know what I mean? Because we have to do even in the shows and I don't really mean to be like that it'd be speaking on history like that. You know, I used to feel bad about it. You made me feel good about it. You because people be like trying to keep shit because you people overly woke is. If you, I think if you in comedy, if you talk about stuff that's interesting to you and you able to spend and have a good take on it. That's gonna transfer. That's gonna is gonna connect because people say, oh, he really believe in shit. Well, there's something this about serious history. Yeah, versus it could be something trivial about zippers assum. But if if people see my, he series about them zippers, believable, I believe that's his shit. That's believed that he feels that way about because he's saying shit, what is our? But you know, even if belonging I long as something that true. Yeah, you know, it doesn't matter how they feel about it. You know what I'm saying? You have the respect that. You know what I mean? It's like it's not opinion, and that's the thing. People stay no pinions about some things that's different from stating some things are opinions say that you know. I don't know. Maybe I'm saying a different. Maybe I'm confusing myself. I don't know when I'm just happy to be here. Man, I used to be in jail though. I'm out free. I love it. How long you in jail for she idea like six seventy hours in that time. I got out seventeen our you eight. Fuck you. Hate..

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