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This is the thanksgiving Rendon rendition is that what it's called. I would say the thanksgiving edition edition. Not rendition addition audition. Ed bouchette addition with the e edition thanksgiving digital Durant. Morning. The things giving. Phone tomorrow. Thanksgiving vacation. Yeah. Why wait till? Right now. Look, we have a big feast on the way to our studios are brought my Tupperware, and you're not alone. Right. Didn't I'm running it from Scotty. He's renting. Royal renting it, but he had like a pile, and I'm like mine cassette can use brings from Tupperware. I've got I've got extra stretchy pants as well. Guys, always Tupperware up. There's a big feast here I never do. So you gotta let me get first in line. Brody get over. Bring tupperware. No from Scotty beep. Yeah. He's rented Tupperware rental service. Good morning froggy. How are you? Good morning. I just have on underwear. No tupperware. Put your Turkey leg there. Well, no, you don't know. We've tried that before remember. Welcome to the day. Thanksgiving eve the biggest party day and night of the year is Wednesday November twenty four at about now. Oh, my phone. So brother, check it out. Now, folks. Oh, brother. Start thinking a song like this. What's going to happen? So listens to it. Like fifty years from now are they gonna think it's the dumbest song? We think this song is stupid. The surfin bird at one time was the number one song across the land. Sounds stupid. We're going to be eating the bird tomorrow. Seriously at one time they took this seriously. It's up to write the bird. Gets free intent. Everybody's here. Can you see this guy in the studio singing this into? Idea for a song. It's everybody's heard about the bird. What do you think? Well, it's my band. We're going to do it. There you go. The today. It is like I said Wednesday November twenty first is thanksgiving eve, you'll thanksgiving is coming a little early this year. Is it not a week early? It is felt like we just had. We have summer we did in Halloween and now that we've had Halloween already. So. Going around the room and beautiful south Florida where it's a lot warmer than it is here. Don't even get me started from what's on your mind today. So yesterday textra my mother, she says do you remember those deviled eggs that you made last year? They were so good. He wanna make them again this year. Do you just want me to pick some up at the deli? Oh. So what does that mean? That means mom wants me to make the devil. She wants to go pick them up at the deli. I dare you to tell her to go ahead and do that tribe that and that did not go over. Well. So she said foggy make your eggs, she the ingredients to make them will be here when you get here. I said, okay. Thanks, deviled eggs. It's a little bit egging allow devil. All you need. All right. So it looks like you're gonna have deviled eggs what I'll be making tonight. To eat some of your world famous devil those. Hey, Daniel, what's up with you? Today's the day guys. You know every year. My husband does the great pie giveaway with all of his past clients because he's a real Turney gives them apple pie. Bring some Chris and blueberry pies well Maria from Maria bakery. In saddle Saddlebrook. All. Famous rainbow cookies her famous own my let me just can undescribed what's going on here. She just brought a tower of of pastries. And I mean, it's like six boxes filled stashing. Oh, something ridiculous. It's ridiculous for long. Thank you to Berea, Begley and Saddlebrook. She loves us. She listens. And thank you to my husband forgiving, those wonderful pies to his to his client. There's so much food. We really have to warn Gandhi. But what's going to happen today Gandhi? I don't think you've ever seen anything like what you're gonna say. Well, we do the several times a year. It's a total parade of food. Just started a leading off the parade. Marie talion pastries. I'm a little salty that I didn't dress for the occasion because everyone else wore elastic pants. Yeah. Stretchy pass today. What's going on in your head today? Other than the thought you're about to be very full. Right. Well, there's that. No. I just wanna shout out the internet and Instagram DM's in general because yesterday we talked about whether or not it was weird that I am shower sitter in the shower instead of stand and everyone's like this strange..

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