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Before we get started a quick reminder heading out on our very first east coast radio topi live tour coming up may seventh through the thirteenth this is very soon so act fast radio topi live brings some of your favorite radio tokyo shows including us and criminal delusion the bugle radio diaries the kitchen sisters and benjamin walkers theory of everything out of your headphones and onto the stage join us atlanta durham washington dc brooklyn manhattan and boston for very radio token evening stories music and communal bonding over the greatness of podcasting i'm hosting the show and i'm working on a brand new live nine p i toyed with kurt right now and it's so good sean is going to be there to score with live music and you're gonna love it tickets are on sale now and most venues are close to selling out so had you ready toby dot fm slash live for more details and to get your tickets today this is ninety nine percent invisible i'm roman mars of the east coast of mainland canada is the island of newfoundland the island is as far east as you can go and still be in canada so far east in fact that it has toned timezone a half an hour later than anywhere else in north america if you see a photograph of the island is probably the one that went viral last year of a small village on the eastern coast in the foreground are rolling hills and a couple of houses in the background a gigantic iceberg floats by on the choppy blue see yeah i s burg's flow by casually but that one was actually scary big and nice pronunciation of newfoundland by the way a lot of people say newfoundland and it's a bit of a sore spot with us locals that is newfoundland native luke quinton and i want to take us to a different part of the island to a little town on the northeastern side called gander no looking back all twenty years.

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