Are Dems Setting Precedent for Punishing Political Enemies?


We've laid out here, if you're looking for a crime, the only crime that had been committed, if in fact a crime was committed was a financial misdemeanor. And for that, the district attorney wants to literally handcuff and shackle Donald Trump. Keep in mind, this is a guy who received $1 million from George Soros. This is a man who campaigned on a promise to get Donald Trump. Letitia James, the attorney general of New York. Campaigned on the same promise to get Donald Trump. They have weaponized the judicial system. Look at what's happening in Atlanta, Georgia, where once again you have a George Soros funded district attorney going after president Trump. That one could get very ugly because apparently they're looking at RICO violations. Suggesting that Trump was trying to coerce the Secretary of State and to changing vote totals in the state of Georgia. But really, this is all about stopping Donald Trump and punishing political enemies. And this is why it is incumbent upon every freedom loving American, and even I would appeal to some of you you Democrats out there who still believe in the constitution who still believe in the rule of law, I have to hope and pray there are still some of you out there. And we all need to stand up and say, we're not going to tolerate this. We're not going to allow you to turn our country into some sort of a, of a Soviet style, police state. We're just not going down that path. Am I grave concern is that Republicans are going to return the favor if they ever get back in control of the House and this pardon me of the Senate and The White House? We can not go down this path as a nation. We can not, we can not be jailing our political enemies.

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